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Deadbeat Carriers Compete, aka #MarginCompression!!! Featured

Following up on the many emails, but not so many actual site comments from yesterday's post "Deadbeat Carrier Creative Destruction In The Ongoing Mobile Computing Wars" I bring you hard evidence that there's about to be a massive disruption in the telecomm space. We're not just talking Google Fiber here. The smallest, most upstart of carriers has broken the holy grail and did away with multi-year, hardware subsidizing contracts while at the same time materially boosting its bandwidth, coverage and throughput. This means that the price-gouging competitors are going to fave that Apple thingy, #MarginCompression.

As states in yesterday's post, T-Mobile's subway experience delivers Verizon FiOS speeds via LTE. Well, T-Mobile must have read that post for they turned LTE on in Brooklyn and that's what I'm using to make this very article. It's very fast, very cheap, its opening in more places than many would have thought. What does this mean? It means prices will probably collapse across the board, you know... #MarginCompression. It ain't just Apple, RIMM and Nokia!

For those who don't believe my, I come bearing gifts. First, a pretty charts...

Reggie Middleotns Carrier Cost Comparison

Wait until people realize how much they are actually paying for those "free", subsidized phones... Then things will really get interesting...

Reggie Middleotns Carrier Subsidy Cost Comparison

My next gift is your ability to generate your own chart with your own wasted wireless carrier dollar expenditures. Check it out..

Of course, this doesn't look to good for Microsoft or Intel, for the Android camp is encroaching on the Wintel camp much faster than the Wintel camp is returning the favor. 

I have a lot of thoughts and ideas circling these developments. Institutional and professional subscribers (click here to subscribe) are welcomed to email or call me to discuss this further.

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