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Is It Time To Buy Apple As A Valuation Play? The Contrarian That Called The Top In Apple Weighs In Featured

All who have followed me over the last three years know I've taken a very strong stance on the mobile computing wars, their prospective winners, losers and the benefits/pitfalls to be had from such intense competition. Outside of possibly Goldman Sachs, the most controversial, blindly beloved company that I've called a short on was Apple. Now that I think of it, Apple has Goldman beat hands down. After first warning of impending margin compression with 18 quarters of October 2010, I've been reviled by every fanboi this side of the Valley. Now, it's vogue to say #MarginCompression!

For those who are not the type to pay for analysis, the following video and graphic contains everything you'd ever want to know about Apple past, present and potentially future. For those of you who are willing to pay for quality analysis, I answer the question that should be on everyone's mind, "Is it time to now buy Apple as a deep value play?" After all, the move that I've warned about has came and gone, or has it. Subscribers, see download links at the bottom of this article.

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 Reggie Middletonss Ultimate Apple Value Infographic

Subscribers, download the Q3 2013 valuation reports (click here to subscribe).

The update from two months ago is also of value for those who haven't read it. It turns out that it was quite prescienct!

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This crux of that article was to debunk the widely assumed notion that I was bearish on Apple's share price for 2 years. The reality of the matter was that the paid research and opinion clearly supported much of Apple's share price until right about the last earnings report and release of the iPhone 5, until I notably went bearish and Apple promptly lost 35%, or about 4 Dells with a LinkedIn thrown in to boot...

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