Friday, 12 July 2013 20:43

Irish Fraud, Google, Glass, NSA and a False Sense of Security

From my appearance on RT's Prime Interest last Tuesday.


From one of my reader's comments on the topic of NSA, privacy and Android..

"most people see Google Glass as real-time snooping tool for the NSA."

That's because most people are (if your statement is in any way true) are ignorant to how things truly work. Glass is powered by Android, which is open sourced. This means that anyone and everyone can modify the code base and if those modifications (improvements) are accepted into the official code base then the whole world has the ability to examine those changes as well as the entire code base. 
This makes Android and the hardware running Android the safest popular mobile OS available because it is near impossible to hide things from driven eyes that want to find things.
Contrast this to a closed commercial system like Windows Phone or iOS where the government simply has to compromise one codebase or one company and it has an in to all users, none of which can see or modify what they have purchased.
NSA to Android is like having to lock a million doors, with tens of millions of keys floating around in the hands of hundreds of thousands of locksmiths. NSA to Apple iOS, et. al. is like having one door with one lock, and nobody has the key - locksmith or not!

If you were the NSA, which would oyu rather have as the world's primary OS? Mass adoption of a single commercial, closed system such as Windows of iOS is the NSA's wet dream in comparison to the veritable nightmare that Android and all of its eyes and tinkerer's must be. Yet through disinformation borne ignorance, we already have the masses clamoring for a "safe' closed proprietary OS like iOS as compared to an open tool chest exposed to oh so many eyes.

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