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Where are the experts? Really?

I thought I would post this comment for more to see. It runs well with my pundit post a few months back.

Outstanding work on the Doo-Doo posts! The other day somebody posted a link to a Dick Bove article where he recommended some regional banks. Since most of what Bove recommended were on the Doo-Doo list, I put these positions on paper Friday morning. If one were to take Bove's recommendations to buy vs my personal decision to short based on what I read here, Bove would be down $2900 vs an upside of $200+ on the short side. I'll put it in a spreadsheet and send it to you. The list is buying or shorting the stock as well as purchasing calls and puts. It just depends on which side of the trade you want.
The Doo-Doo side of the trade based upon factual data provided by you and this site or the Buy-Buy (should be by-by) side of the trade by Bove.
Bove did have one bright moment in a Bloomberg article today. It's the article titled with: +2 + -2 = 4. A GREAT article to read, too. Bove describes "Statement 159" and how it affects company financial statements. Let's give the bozo a pat on the back for actually doing his main job as an analyst for once. Oh, if it was not already known, Bove's second job is..... well, somebody on NYSE floor should just yell: "Hey, Cool-Aid" and he'll come crashing through the wall looking like the Cool-Aid character from the adds years back (just dated myself). I'm sure many other "trusted" figures would come running in too. Wall Street, The Media, Paulson, etc. - Hopefully the public is starting to see that the Cool-Aid has been flowing for a long time.
What I think is funny (it's actually pretty sad) is that all of a sudden, little stories of what you've been posting since LAST YEAR are starting to trickle out. The media makes it sound as if it's a recently broken story!
Meredith Whitney will have the last laugh on those who piled on her warning comments as "overblown". There are a few trying to do the right thing!
I'm glad I bought put positions in WB last week! I'm sure everyone will see the Wachovia CEO news today. You know, it's interesting seeing the amount of media stories that came out since the market close last Friday. Hhmmmmmmmmm??????? I wonder if it has to do with the 2nd Quarter closing? They couldn't have been hiding the balance sheet horrors in order to do some stock performance window dressing? No, that would be wrong since "the worst is over", right? Yea.... have a little more Cool-Aid America.

Thanks for your hard work in doing the right thing with this blog. We hear all these guest speakers on the financial shows stating: "the worst is over", "now is the time to buy financial companies." If they've done half as much homework as you have, they'd be saying the opposite!

Looking forward to the next info you have to share.


My reply:

I loved that commercial. I used to love Kool Aid, too! smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif
Since it may not be appropriate for me to do it, you should go to my personal page
and download the pundit tool. Fill it out with all of the new and old
stocks reviewed on this blog along with the stock prices on the date
blogged. Then apply today's pricing. You will see that I don't have a
lot in common with analysts and pundits you see on CNBC, et. al.

As for Bove's article today, we hashed that out months ago in the discussion forums with StockenFraud and Reggie Middleton on the Street's Riskiest Bank - Update

the updated model or send it to me and I will post it on your behalf.
Let's see how the pundits really perform if you were to put some money
behind their words.

You can find the Pundit tool here The Pundit Tool
(2099k) on my personal files page.
All registered users can easily created pages such as these for
themselves. Just go into the "My Website" menu in the upper left hand
corner of the site.

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