Monday, 03 October 2011 18:01

Reggie Middleton Serves Up Fried Calamari From Raw Squid: Goldman Sachs and Market Perception of Real Risks! Featured

For those who don't subscribe to BoomBustblog, or haven't read I'm Hunting Big Game Today:The Squid On The Spear Tip, Part 1 & Introduction and Hunting the Squid, Part2: Since When Is Enough Derivative Exposure To Blow Up The World Something To Be Ignored?, not only have you missed out on some unique artwork, you've potentially missed out on 300% to 500% investment gains as well (as of the posting of this message from the beginning of the month)...


Goldman's share price went down to nearly $50 during the 2009 crisis, and I believe things are worse this time around. Of course BoomBustBlogger, you shouldn't be greedy, subscribers. Cash in your fried calamari chips now, or at the very least hedge them - while you have them and prepare for the next opportunity. There will be plenty, rest assured. Remember how Goldman's stock actually trades...

.. I'd like to announce to the release of a blockbuster document describing the true nature of Goldman Sachs, a description that you will find no where else. It's chocked full of many interesting tidbits, and for those who found "The French Government Creates A Bank Run? Here I Prove A Run On A French Bank Is Justified And Likely" to be an iteresting read, you're gonna just love this! Subscribers can access the document here:

As is customary, I am including free samples for those who don't subscribe, so you can get a taste of the forensic flavor. Here are the first 2 pages of the 19

page professional edition, with illustrative option trade setups soon to follow.


Is Goldman Sachs stock really the front running, Mo-Mo traders wet dream?



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