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Investors and Analysts Don't Understand How To Value Tesla, While Others Don't Know What A Bubble Looks Like Featured

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Tesla's data store allows it to do things that no other car manufacturer can accomplish at this time, and no amount of capital can enable them to catch up in the short to medium term. That's not to say that TSLA is not overvalued, but I think the pundits are mis-valuing Tesla more than overvaluing it. No company is worth 150 P/E, but the data store and gathering machine is by far its greatest asset and needs to be worked into the equation.

As a refresher, Tesla has well over 1 million data delivery drones, aka semi-autonomous cars fitted with (as quoted from the Tesla website):

  • Eight surround cameras providing 360 degrees of visibility around the car at up to 250 meters of range.
  • Twelve updated ultrasonic sensors complement this vision, allowing for detection of both hard and soft objects at nearly twice the distance of the prior system.
  • A forward-facing radar with enhanced processing provides additional data about the world on a redundant wavelength that is able to see through heavy rain, fog, dust and even the car ahead. 

To make sense of all of this data, a new onboard computer with over 40 times the computing power of the previous generation runs the new Tesla-developed neural net for vision, sonar and radar processing software. Together, this system provides a view of the world that a driver alone cannot access, seeing in every direction simultaneously, and on wavelengths that go far beyond the human senses.

To make use of a camera suite this powerful, the new hardware introduces an entirely new and powerful set of vision processing tools developed by Tesla. Built on a deep neural network, Tesla Vision deconstructs the car's environment at greater levels of reliability than those achievable with classical vision processing techniques.

These millions of fully autonomous data discovery and remittance drones are constantly roaming on all five continents, sent exabytes of data to Tesla's servers - 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, during rain, snow, sleet, sunshine, sandstorms... The works. All types of obstacles, driver and pedestrian behavior, natural occurrences, everything that normally and abnormally occurs during driving is being sent to Tesla in exquisite and complete detail - constantly, from everywhere. If you think Google's data advantage is insurmountable (think search and maps), you ain't see nothing yet.

This enables Tesla cars to do things like fully autonomous driving - right now, not 5 years into the future.

Engadget: Watch Tesla's Full Self-Driving navigate from SF to LA with (almost) no help.

Now, how much is that worth? Hard to tell since the Fed has destroyed risk pricing and price discovery with the onslaught of unprecendeted printing, but I do know that it is worth something, even in this ridiculous multi-asset bubble!

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