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The US Will Soon Print Like It Has Never Printed Before - Gold Bugs REJOICE! Featured

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 U.S. Budget Gap Tripled to Record $3.1 Trillion for 2020. Shortfall relative to economy largest since World War II. Total outlays soar 47.3% Hear those machines go Brrrrr? If not, reference Panic-Driven Monetary Inflation and It's Effect on Tokenized Gold 

This chart below tells a harrowing story!

  • Federal debt as a percent of GDP is the highest it has been since WWII, without the ability to gun the manufacturing machine to create bullets and arms to sell to warring factions to boost the economy. 
  • M3 has skyrocketed, at the same time GDP has tanked - both setting all-time records,simultaneously
  • Gold has seen its sharpest spike that I know of. Gold has a 84% negative correlation to real interest rates. Guess who has negative real rates? Time's up! The country whose currency gold is priced in...
  • Oh yeah! Real rates are negative in a time of collapse GDP and record unemployment. Stagflation, y'all!

Intiially, I thought goldbugs would (and probably should) rejoice. Then I thought about the comparison the economic turmoil that led up to WWII in the US, and I thought, "Uh! Oh!". The US confiscated private gold and made its ownership illegal, in an attempt to effectuate an early form of QE and dollar debasement, You. see, you can't print dollars if you have to spend gold to do it, and the USD was on the gold standard. So, take all of the gold, then reprice what you have taken by government mandate (vs market forces), and voila! You've found instant money before the age of the digital printing press. The war started for the US 6 years later.

Things are al little different in this day and age, with tokenization, the blockchain and the Internet, but the government still wields nigh ultimate power.

For those that think this was a one time occurrence....

  • United States' Gold Confiscation of 1933 as discussed above, by presidential Executive order. This was primarily to effect QE, $20 per ounce was paid. Look at how good a deal that was over time.
  • Germany Seized Czech Gold through the Bank of England
  • German Nazis' Seizure of Jewish Gold (raubgold, or stolen gold) in World War II, making it illegal for any Jews fleeing Nazis German territory to take any valuable of theirs with them.
  • Australia Confiscated Private in 1959, but at least they paid for it in paper fiat, worth so much less now.
  • British Gold Ban of 1960's.., The UK literally prosecuted what they called "speculators" who held more than 4 gold coins as the pound collapsed against gold.
  • A Modern Day Case Study – Venezuela: Britain withheld Venezuela's gold requested to help deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. This was THIS year!

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