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It has been called to my attention that among the many typos in my earlier post, an important one was the reference to the funding costs of DHI. The company in question was actually DHOM - Dominion Homes, not DR Horton - DHI. The general theme still stands, though, these guys as an industry who hold significantly depreciating real assets or options on said assets, financed by debt (all of them) or those who have significant mortgage banking operations without internal financing (ex. deposit accounts, etc.) (the vast majority of them), and who are running consistent operating losses for the last quarter and foreseeable next half (all of them) are in trouble, to say the least.

TOLL will exhibit a lag in some of the effects since they deal in a slightly upscale market, but are far from immune. They say that they do not warehouse mortgages without a buyer committed for the paper. If true, that is good management, but

the problem still remains... Who will be the buyer for the non-conforming stuff in this market. If Countrywide can't do it, you can bet your buttocks that a fancy homebuilder can't do it. If you think 30% losses quarterly looked bad, at earnings time, wait until you see next quarter's earnings after the effect of the mortgage crunch which slows sales, the land impairment charges, and impairment from whole loans (not necessarily MBSs) that are stuck in warehouse credit line show up!!!! In addition, some of these warehouse lines will be pulled by the banks during this fiscal quarter. As my little baby girl says, "Uh Oh!!!"

The mortgage insurers and investment banks like bear Stearns have similar issues, of reliance upon credit during bad times. There was a post on another blog by a fellow pundit that detailed two large mortgage insurers having leverage of up to 90:1. They cannot afford a run on the bank, which is exactly what is to be expected as ARMS reset.

Bear Stearns has about $22 billion dollars of equity capital, and about $423 billion dollars of assets. It is also the MBS king of the Street. With this leverage, a 5% move does a lot of damage to Bear Stearns equity. The same with the mortgage insurers.

Can this happen? Well, if I am not mistaken, Countrywide's sub-prime portfolio is currently experiencing a 5% default rate, and we have not even experience the first deluge of the 2 year ARM resets or significantly higher interest rates.

Wednesday, 21 October 2020 10:45

The mobile computing

The Creatively Destructive Pace of Technology Innovation and the Paradigm Shift known as the Mobile Computing Wars!

  1. There Is Another Paradigm Shift Coming in Technology and Media: Apple, Microsoft and Google Know its Winner Takes All
  2. The Mobile Computing and Content Wars: Part 2, the Google Response to the Paradigm Shift
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  5. This article should drive the point home: An iPhone 4 Recall Will Hurt Apple More By Opening Additional Opportunity for Android Devices Than Increased Expenses
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The Pan-European

The Asset Securitization Crisis of 2007, 2008 and 2009 led to the demise of several global banks and institutions. Central bank induced risky asset bubbles gave rise to, what was popularly considered and reported as through the popular media, a rapid recovery. The reality was that the insolvencies that marked the crisis were passed on, in part, to the sovereign nations that sponsored the Crisis, and as the chickens came home to roost the Asset Securitization Crisis has now blown into a full Sovereign debt crisis.

The Pan-European Sovereign Debt Crisis, to date (free):
  1. The Coming Pan-European Sovereign Debt Crisis – introduces the crisis and identified it as a pan-European problem

The Latest Pan-European Sovereign Risk Subscription Research – The Good Stuff!!!

Actionable Intelligence Note For All Paying Subscribers on European Bank Research

A Review of the Spanish Banks from a Sovereign Risk Perspective – retail.pdf

A Review of the Spanish Banks from a Sovereign Risk Perspective – professional

Ireland public finances projections

Spain public finances projections_033010
UK Public Finances March 2010

Italy public finances projection

Greece Public Finances Projections

Banks exposed to Central and Eastern Europe

Greek Banking Fundamental Tear Sheet

Italian Banking Macro-Fundamental Discussion Note
Spanish Banking Macro Discussion Note

  • Deutsche Bank vs Postbank Review & Summary Analysis - Pro & Institutional
  • Deutsche Bank vs Postbank Review & Summary Analysis - Retail
  • Sovereign Contagion Model - Retail (961.43 kB 2010-05-04 12:32:46)
  • Sovereign Contagion Model - Pro & Institutional
  • Irish Bank Strategy Note
  • Euro Bank Soveregn Debt Exposure Final -Retail
  • Euro Bank Soveregn Debt Exposure Final - Pro & Institutional

Online Spreadsheets (professional and institutional subscribers only)

  • Greek Default Restructuring Scenario Analysis
  • Greek Default Restructuring Scenario Analysis with Sustainable Debt/GDP Limits and Haircuts
  • Portugal's Debt Ridden Finances: An Analysis of Haircuts, Restructuring and Strategy - Professional Analysis
  • The Spain Sovereign Debt Haircut Analysis for Professional/Institutional
  • Ireland Default Restructuring Scenario Analysis with Sustainable Debt/GDP Limits and Haircuts
  • This is the professional addendum to the Sovereign Debt Exposure of European Insurers and Reinsurers 
  • Insurer and Reinsurer Sovereign Debt Exposure Worksheets - Professional localized one.
  1. What Country is Next in the Coming Pan-European Sovereign Debt Crisis? – illustrates the potential for the domino effect
  2. The Pan-European Sovereign Debt Crisis: If I Were to Short Any Country, What Country Would That Be.. – attempts to illustrate the highly interdependent weaknesses in Europe’s sovereign nations can effect even the perceived “stronger” nations.
  3. The Coming Pan-European Soverign Debt Crisis, Pt 4: The Spread to Western European Countries
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    Lies, Damn Lies, and Sovereign Truths: Why the Euro is Destined to Collapse!
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  35. BoomBustBlog Irish Research Becomes Reality
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Follow the UK and Eurozone topic list for our latest analysis of Pan-European issues.