What makes Reggie and BoomBustBlog different from other providers of research?

1)    Purpose - First and foremost, Reggie is NOT an analyst. He is an investor. His interest and yours are aligned. He doesn't work for an Investment Bank with conflicts of interest between the research departments and underwriting, trading etc.

2)   Fluid  Methodology - Reggie's methodology is not set in stone. It is actually very fluid and adaptable to the specific company, scenario and environment. Reggie does not have a cookie cutter approach to analyzing companies. Instead he takes a common sense/results oriented (which may at some times seem unorthodox) approach to his analysis.

3)   Outsider Perspective - Reggie is an outsider, thus he is not trained/brainwashed in the corporate way. He likes to say that he is "unplugged from the matrix". As a result, he is much more efficient and results-oriented than many from large firms. He tends to be more focused on productivity than presentation, substance than spell checking and quality not quantity.

4)   Accuracy - When it comes to "predicting" outcomes, Reggie's research is simply more accurate which makes it much more useful for investors.

5)   Selectivity - At BoomBustBlog, you are not going to find research on every company. We are not here to provide research on any and every company in any particular sector or industry. For the most part, you are only going to find research on companies that seem to provide a decent investment opportunity, i.e. significantly under or overvalued. Occasionally, we may publish a few duds (i.e., those darn companies who are valued just right) simply because we spent the time and money to do the research - why let it go to waste when someone may find the research useful.

6)   BoomBustBlog Community- Reggie has created a website heavily based on the open source philosophy and attracts intelligent participants at all levels of skill and knowledge looking to learn and share ideas. This is evidenced in the quality of the BoomBustBlog commentary.