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Applied Pathogenic Finance: Wall Street's "Internet Moment" ( pdf, 4.58 MB )!
Veritas 2017 Crowdsale Step-by-Step Instructions ( pdf, 1.63 MB )
Ackman GGP122209_0
GGP Financial model_Assuming Foreclosure latest(1)
GGP Financial model_Assuming Foreclosure latest
GGP advanced mini-sample
General Growth Properties - 2_0
GGP Insider Trading Analysis - 2007(1)
GGP Insider Trading Analysis - 2007
GGP_Report - Release Candidate 2(1)
GGP_Report - Release Candidate 2
GGP_Report - Release Candidate 2old
GGP_Sale _Final_(1)
GGP_Sale _Final
PathogenicFinance1.0a 1-12-16download
Real estate funds conflict document
Veritaseum Vertias on Ethereum launch Tutorial
GGP _ the type of investigative analysis you won_t get from your brokerage house
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