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Saturday, 25 April 2009 00:00

It appears as if Obama is getting real. Good.

Everybody on this blog was explicitly warned about this in regards to Goldman. This weekend, I will go through some the other banks in granular detail, as well.

From Bloomberg: Regulators May Make Banks Raise Capital Levels With Stress-Test Accounting

Financial regulators may force many of the largest U.S. banks to raise new capital or conserve extra cash after accounting for assets held off their balance sheets.

The Federal Reserve yesterday released the methods used in stress tests on the 19 largest U.S. banks, which incorporated an accounting proposal that would bring about $900 billion onto lenders’ books. there is no reason why GS should not be tanking now. They knew this was coming which is why they decided to sell a secondary offering at what was near an historical low. To think they actually got enough patsies to buy it.

The accounting change suggests most of the 19 will need to take some action to buttress their capital, analysts said. Stronger banks may keep dividend payments low or apply retained earnings, with others selling new shares to make up the amounts, they said.
Tuesday, 12 August 2008 00:00

Are you ignoring risk?

Lest we forget exactly where ground zero is for this credit mess, bear market rally or not...

UBS Posts Worse-than-Expected Quarterly Loss: Swiss bank UBS will separate its business into three autonomous units after posting a worse-than-expected second quarter loss of around $330 million.

JPMorgan July Loss $1.5 Billion
Wachovia Boosts Loss, Cuts Jobs

One thing that I do not hear pundits mention is how EXPENSIVE financial stocks are getting as their book valuations get murkier, their earnings stream get sparser (or shall I say increasingly negative), and their prices shoot every higher. From a economic profit perspective, all we need is a slight uptick in real rates and these stocks will be the most expensive they have been since... oh yeah, the last crash! 

..and why is everybody overlooking the fact that the riskiest bank on the street is rife with risks... Morgan Stanley's $4.5 Billion Buyback of Debt Won't Stop Probe, Cuomo Says.

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