Thursday, 06 August 2009 05:00

Here comes the next paradigm shift in telecomm

I just got this from Google...

You are invited to open a free Google Voice account. If you haven't already heard about it, Google Voice is a service that makes using your current phones much better!

Here's what it offers:

  • A personal phone number that rings all of your existing phones when people call
  • All of your voicemail in one inbox with unlimited online storage and free voicemail transcripts sent to your phone and email
  • Low-priced international calling to over 200 countries and free SMS
  • Other powerful features like the first phone spam filter to protect you from unwanted callers, the ability to ListenInTM on your voicemail messages while they are being left, conference calling and more

To learn more about Google Voice before registering, visit:

Please note that Google Voice is only available for sign up in the US.

We hope you enjoy Google Voice,

The Google Voice Team

Now, think of Google offereing this device over cellular networks or pda/multimedia only devices. There goes the vast majority of the landline phone busniess and the cellular phone add-on services.

Think of the beef to be had between Apple and ATT if the Ipod touch gets a mic and google voice app. Worse yet, nearly all of the windows mobile devices can take advantage of this right now via WifI or right over cellular data networks at a fracion of the price people are paying for voice services. VOIP will be a dangerous paradigm shift.

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