Friday, 10 February 2017 14:17

Fitch Has Effectively Downgraded The Trump Administration, Albeit Too Late As Usual Featured

After my many, many warnings about Donald Trump and his administration (I'll list those a little later)... It's official, Fitch has actually warned that the Trump administration is detrimental to sovereign ratings around the world. Keep in mind that we are in this world.

Fitch says Trump bad credit risk

 Fitch says Trump bad credit risk1


You've hear similar from me before the man was sworn in, which begs the question, what took the Fitch, et. al. so long??? You know how I feel about these guys, right?

Reference the timeline and associated videos wherein I made the risks crystal clear...

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Donald Trumps actions, behavior and machinations have already (with less than a month in office) trascended national politics, even geopolitics, and are now literally and existential global macro risk.

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