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The Slow Death of the Deadbeat Carriers, pt 4 Featured

Over the last 5 years, I have warned that T-Mobile would start turning up the heat in the US dead beat carrier business (see links below). I call them dead beat carriers because they relied on a virtual duopoly of cash cow cash flows and failed toi innovate. They actually allowed Silicon Value to capitalize on thier apathy, and now they are rlelgated to bg dumb utlitiy pipes in lieu of the lifeblood... the synapses of communication and commerce between all people an businesses. 

So, as US mobile carriers sat back and allowed Dropbox to dominate THEIR cloud storage opportunities, and Amazon, Microsoft and Google dominate THEIR cloud compute opportunities and Netflix dominate THEIR content delivery opportunities, what did they do? They created ways to overcharge consumers. This was easy to do because they were seeing fatter margins and didn't look at that truck called technological innovation roaring towards them.

After they're caught as deer in the headlights, what do they do? They scrambled to join in last year's opportunity. 


John Legere makes valid points, points that I made clearly years ago, reference T-Mobile Threatens Deadbeat Carriers With The Death Of The American Wireless Business Model. Now Verizon wabts to buy Yahoo for $4.8 billion after buying AOL for $4.4 Billion. Good use of their shareholder capital? Not! Don't worry, even flailing Sprint is trying to jump into the make-no-money content gaine...


In the meantime, Google is quietly building a obal sort of software abstraction layer that will make conventional mobile telephony obsolute. Before I go on, be aware that Google controls the global mobile OS, nearly all of it. It is at over 88% and still rapidly climbing,,,

This is another sea change that I predicted back in 2010, quite contrarian at the time....

These videos show how it happened, and why...

Now, how does Google's "abstraction layer" affect the deadbeat carriers? Google gives autonomy and freedom to all  your texts, phone calls, voicemails, pcitures, data (including data stored on your phone) and texts. This autonomy is available to you irrespective of the carrier you use. You can switch carriers and don't even have to bother porting your number. All of your handsets, tablets, home phones and computers can share one common cloud-driven number (for free) for what you currently pay the carriers a lot of money for. What are the carriers needed for now? Dumb broadband pipes, and that's just about it. Whose fault is that? Well don't call it Verizon Voice, now do we?

This disintermediation will simply get worse because the deadbeat carriers are chasing last years business model. At lease John Legere has a clue. Now all he needs to do is to consult me on how to add high margin, value added services that look forward, and not backwards... and it's a wrap!

What's new in Google Voice

Google Voice and Sprint

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Number Porting

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Goodbye invites, hello open sign-ups!

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Videos of the top 10 features of Google Voice

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