Thursday, 31 October 2013 13:51

Reggie Middleton's Apple Q4 2013 Preliminary Analysis Is Ready For Download Featured

The 20 page preliminary report is ready for download to all paying subscribers. It tells the "truth" about Apple. This report does not contain an updated valuation section just yet. I'm still working on that for it is a bit more involved and complicated than I originally anticipated. Considering how quickly all of the sell side came up with thier updated valuations and marking their historical accuracy to market as compared to mine, one would think the prudent investor would be given pause. 


Click here to subscribe or purchase this update. Paid subscribers click here: File Icon Apple 4Q2013 preliminary update. As we wait for my elfin magicians and presdigitation analysts to finsih up on the updated valuation numbers, I'm quite comfortable in recommending subscribers adhere to the latest set of valuation numbers proffered in the last Apple update. 

Subscribers, download the Q3 2013 valuation reports (click here to subscribe).

The update from two months ago is also of value for those who haven't read it. It turns out that it was quite prescienct!

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