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Why Tech Is Far And Large The Biggest Thing This Millennium - Lehman, EU Crisis Included Featured

There are many of my readers and followers who ask why I'm concetrating so heaving on the mobile computing sector as of late. This post is for those who may not see what I envision. Since the start of BoomBustBlog, I have predicted a number of big, world changing trends. They were very big deals on a global scale ex. the collapse of Lehman and Bear Stearns, the housing and commercial property collapse in the US, the banking collapse, the European soveriegn debt debacle, etc. (see Who is Reggie Middleton? for more on my calls and predictions). 

I can, without a shadow of a doubt, declare that the technology paradigm shift whose precipice we now teeter, is by far and large the most significant event of the last 8 years. Now, considering the events of the last 8 years, that's saying an awful lot. So what makes this event so much more important than the event of the last 13 years?

It's the advent of truly usable Contextual Computing!


Contextual computing is the use of computers that are both aware of the environment around them and capable of using that awareness to adjust to the tasks that are presented to them. For example: a context aware mobile phone may know that it is currently in the meeting room, and that the user has sat down. The phone may conclude that the user is currently in a meeting and reject any unimportant calls.

Context awareness is used to design innovative user interfaces, and is often used as a part of ubiquitous and wearable computing.

Contextual computing is, without a doubt, the future of mobile computing. Smartwatches, a subset of the wearable computing genre - the applied version of contextual computing - have been around for a while.


Despite the fact that every major mobile device manufacturer and their mother has recently and literally fallen over themselves to scramble to launch a smartwatch device, I'm not very bullish on thier prospects as a game changing paradigm shift in the way things are done. Why, you may ask? Well, for one, with the technology currently available, smartwatches don't truly represent much in terms of new capabilities. At best, they are a convenience, an adjunct to the ubiquitous smartphone - and not much more.

Google's Glass product, as the likely first to market with a truly transformational capability, is at the forefront of the opportunity in wearable computing and contextual computing. It’s promise is so vast, so wide, that it is literally too big to fully grasp at this time. Potential industry participants, stakeholders and investors should not confuse this statement with that of not being able to conceptualize or realize the potential value in a business opportunity though. This is the reason why Google has decided to launch a massive public “exploration” program, not only to beta test the product but more importantly to “crowdstorm” the possibilities of such technology.  I am one of those explorers and I have found several, novel, unique and potentially very lucrative avenues through which to apply Glass.

The problem with contextual computing, for early  stage investors who are not intimately familiar with the tech, and Glass in particular, is that it represents such a dramatic paradigm shift in the way things are currently done, it opens up a literally new world of capabilities as well as a new world of doubts, questions and misunderstandings. This new world is both strange and immense at the same time. It must be explored before it can be adequately valued. With that being said, who dares venture to say that an entire new world does not possess enough value to be a worthwhile investment – particularly one that can be entered on the ground floor. 

 On that note, let me offer you an example of my last few hours wearing Glass and the power of contextual computing and you can let me know if you think this is the next step in mobile computing.

This is Harry's Steak House late last night. It's located on Hanover Street, not too far from the New York Stock Exchange. I felt like steak last night and was in the financial district, so I asked Glass who served steak in the area and how long they were open. This is what I saw. Pretty cool, eh?  

20130910 002216 641 x 

Another click on the Glass brought me to their menu as I stood outside the restaurant and bar...

20130910 002255 298 x

After late night steaks and all (I actually missed the kitchen), I walked my daughter's puppy in the park after dropping her off from school. There were many dogs running around off leash. I decided to look into some of the more interesting ones, to wit... 20130910 084636 065 x


20130910 085624 393 x Now, your average New Yorker would never know what a molloser such as a Perro de Presa Canario was, would he/she?20130910 092644 682 x

The prospects for this tech are outrageous. I have already started putting my mind into intense problem solving mode, and the medical, real estate and hospitality industries are on tap to witness some dramatic changes in the way business is done. 

Wearable Computers and Google Glass Project Video

The video is below, and is 36 minutes long. Feel free to use the table of contents just below (click on any link to access) to navigate to the portion of the video whose subject matter strikes your fancy, or if you're really into wearable computing and its investment prospects, view the entire thing.

Introduction to Reggie Middleton and the Contextual Computing Project

Old School vs New School, Wearable Computers Send The Keyboard & Laptop The Way Of The Dodo Bird 4m 42s

How Big Is The Market For Wearable Computers & How Much Money Can Be Made? 5m 26s

Why Focus on Google Glass? 7m 41s

Restaurant Glass? Contextual Computing For The Hospitality Industry 9m 35s

Watch Us Change The Way The World Computes 12m 50s

Glass In The Healthcare Industry 14m 20s

Glass In The Real Estate Industry 27m 43s

Addressing Security & Privacy Issues 31m 29s

What Does Reggie Plan To Do Next 33m 37s

Call To Action for Investors, Operators & Customers: How Can You Get Involved? How Can You

Benefit From The Next Big Thing, Today? 34m 29s

Subscribers, click the following links for my updated price targets on Google (click here to subscribe) and read  Google Q2 2013 Update: Valuing Possibly The Most Powerful Co. In The World?:

The biggest risks to these price points are:

  1. A market that's being levitated by central bank magicians running short on magic spells...
  2. Regulatory pressure, which I feel is quite material and inevitable, but will not be a major factor in the near term.

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