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Readers Respond With Evidence That AIB (Allied Irish Banks) Is Operating Without A License Featured

Late last week I posted Allegations Of Big Irish Banks Operating Without A License wherein a reader detailed his detailing with AIB and alleged illegal (under Irish law) dealings with the bank. In the article, I asked for comments or criticism since that matter is outside of our expertise and wasn't confirmed. I received several emails on the topic rather quickly. Below is one of the more interesting ones. I find it amazing that AIB is aware of information like this floating around and has not responded with a rebuttal. If the information is accurate, it literally shames the Irish banking regulatory body and press. If it is inaccurate, then AIB should simply issue clarification. 

Hi Reggie,

Attached and below a email from Aib Kathleen Clifford she is the assistant to Aib’s risk director.

The licence has correct company number but Aib Limited was restructured into Aib plc 1982 and doesn’t have any Government or Central Bank stamp?

Below are some the Irish criminal laws breached by AIB plc

Also their ability to trade outside Ireland is dependent on them having a Ratified Irish licence therefore their USA and Eu operations may not be legal.

False claims in performances 
False representation 
Misrepresentation to Central Bank
Fraudulent application or use 
Concealing facts disclosed by documents
Suppression of documents 
False statements to shareholders
Falsification of Financial records 
Liability of officers in respect to financial records 
Furnishing false information 
Operating a Financial institution with out a valid Banking Licence

Everyone a criminal offence.

AIB Banking Licence




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