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Computer Hardware Vendors Are Dead, Part Deux! Featured

Last week I told the world that hardware vendors are DEAD! At least the fat margin business model hardware vendors (like those whose name rhymes with Snapple). The post Smartphone Hardware Manufacturers Are Dead, Long Live The Google-like Solution Providers, pretty much says it all - or does it. You see, this is about mobile computing, not smartphones (reference The mobile computing wars from 3 yrs ago). Google has just launched a major salvo into the bastion of those companies who dare apsire to sell notebook computer/software bundles for over 22% margin!

Google offering $99 Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks to public shool teachers and students

If you reference the Google press release, you'll see that this offer includes a special, discounted price of $99 including hardware, management and support! Now that's CHEAP! An equivalent Macbook Air with the same package would run more than 10x the prices, that's right, well over $!,000! Margin compression here we come! 

Google ascendance, here we come! For those who don't know how the Google biz model works and why they actually want the cost of hardware to go down to zero, watch this piece that I did on the Max Keiser show...

Google's "less than free" business model has successfully put it on track to becoming the next Microsoft. Once it has 90+% market share in mobile OSs (it's currently knocking on 89%'s door), it will have the door opened to lead as the de facto provider of cloud services, basically acting as the Windows operating system (remember the importance of this OS in the 1990s) of the Web. We're not even broaching the topic of Google being the shepherd of global data and information throughout the web and the Internet connected world!

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