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Reggie Middleton Spits The Truth On Max Keiser Show- Feels Like Acid Rain! Featured


The full Max Keiser Show which aired Yesterday in Europe. My interview starts at 14:30 in the video.

A topic drill down of what was discussed in the video above.

Yes, there is a US Treasury Ponzi scheme as afforded by the Federal Reserve in an era of what seems to be perpetual ZIRP...

But wait a minute, isn't ZIRP actually killing the banks slowly but surely? If so, why has the sell side been so bullish on ZIRP in for the banking industry???

Oil prices spike in the face of slack economic demand and the face of recession - again?

The US Education Ponzi causes rampant tuition inflation in the face of tepid if not non-existent increases in actual education quality - of course all of this is financed by a credit/loan bubble where you have a ~trillion dollar market that already has a ~25% delinquency rate. Exactly how is this expected to end?

Speakng of education...

Municipalities have been burnt and bent over by big Wall Street Banks on a regular basis.

So, what happens when you do derivative business with Goldman Sachs as a municipality or sovereign state? Here's nearly an hour worth of answer for you, from countries and municipalities around the world!

Now, Reggie Middleton on Goldman Sachs' business model

FaceBook Corporate Governance Bubble!!!???

Facebook CEO Running From Investors 'Cause He's The Only Invest That He Actually Needs To Respect…

Facebook CEO Running From Investors 'Cause He IS The Only Investor Whose Opinion Actually Counts?

Is Facebook's CEO Running Away From Investor Responsibility Because He IS the only Investor Whose Opinion Actually Counts? Last month I released an update to our Facebook IPO analysis (subscribers may download it here FaceBook IPO & Valuation Note Update). In its caveats section, I made pains to make very clear that one of the biggest threats to Facebook investors actually emanates...

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