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Grecian Tragedy Formula, Bailout Number 3 Featured

The word τραγῳδία (tragoidia), from which the word "tragedy" is derived, is a portmanteau of two Greek words: τράγος (tragos) or "goat" and ᾠδή (ode) meaning "song", from ἀείδειν (aeidein), "to sing". This etymology indicates a link with the practices of the ancient Dionysian cults. It is difficult to know with certainty how these fertility rituals became the basis for tragedy and comedy, but an empirical overview of what the Greek government is proposing it is capable of achieving from fiscal standpoint in a short period of time would be borderline laughable if it didn't portend such serious consequences. Alas, since the vast majority of pundits seem to have actually failed to
read what the Greek government has issued as a supposed solution to the its crisis, this fiscal plan, apparently laid out as comedy, has a more than material chance of achieving a tragic end. 

Yesterday, I demonstrated that the sustainability of various proposed Greek bailouts is tantamount to abject non-sense by supplying the tools for subscribers to calculate their own Greek haircut effects, see The Ugly Truth About The Greek Situation That'sToo Difficult Broadcast Through Mainstream Media. Today I will demonstrate that the incessant lies laid forth virtually guarantee a crash landing. Sourced from ZeroHedge, below is page 4 of the Greek debt sustainability proposal floating around EU policy member corridors aimed at determining the likelihood of the success of a 3rd Greek bailout - Tragic Comedy, indeed...

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There is so much to comment on, I can literally get lost in the diatribe, so let's try to keep it short and focus on how the Greek privasitation plans are working out thus far by referencing a document that gave to my subscribers TWO YEARS AGO!!! Reference File Icon Greece Public Finances Projections, pages 5 and 6.





'Nuff said. In case I haven't made it clear, I believe Greece's implosion is a foregone conclusion. What the media should be focusing on is the knock-on effects to Portugal, Spain, Italy and Ireland, and the resultant contagion that is sure to affect France and Germany. My next post on this topic will outline the contagion research that we have conducted. Stay tuned!

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