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An Overview of a US REIT Headed Towards Distress Featured


This is a post for paying subscribers to update them on my search for prospective casualties in the real estate sector of the FIRE collapse (new subscription content available below and as always in the most recent downloads section in the right hand margin of the home page once you have signed in as paid subscriber). Below is an overview of my opinion the FIRE (Finance, Insurance & Real Estate) sector for 2012

We have reviewed the finance portion extensively throughout 2011. See Commercial & Investment Banks section of the subscription content area. The last forensic report was centered around an insurer - see You Can Rest Assured That The Insurance Industry Is In For Guaranteed Losses! and Our Next Forensic Analysis Subject Is In The Insurance Industry. The actual report is available here:

I have also detailed the risks in commercial real estate in the Dutch markets, see

Now available for download to all paying subscribers is a US REIT headed for distress - File Icon US Commercial REIT Distress Overview
(Commercial Real Estate)
. Professional and institutional subscribers will have an addendum published with additional companies that just missed the shortlist, but may see problems in the near to medium term.

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