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Trading Physical Gold: Is Gold In A Bubble? Featured


Happy New Year to all on this first day of January, 2012! This is the 4th installment (of 5) of my interview of the CEO of GBI (Gold Bullion International), a unique firm located on Wall Street that allows investors (retail & institutional) to actually buy, sell, trade and store physical gold in the investor's own name. The previous installments (listed below) feature some very tough questions. BoomBustBlog interviews are not pushovers or advertisements. You must be able to hold your own.

  1. Trading Physical Gold As Easily As You Trade Stocks: Is Gold Becoming A Tradable Currency After All?
  2. Trading Physical Gold vs Investing In A Physical Gold Trust: Which Is Better?
  3. Reggie Middleton Interviews GBI: Gold Bullion International part 3 of 5

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