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Why Pick on Greece... and Sell Side Research Analysts As Sales Support Staff Featured

I discuss how Greece became over indebted through banks imprudently making bad loans, and more importantly why practically no one in all of Wall Street warned of the sovereign debt crisis besides BoomBustBlog. This is hard hitting opinion that is too controversial to publish anywhere else.

How did I see this "Eurocalypse" coming while Wall Street remained aloof? Well the same question can be asked as to how I saw the Housing market crash, the fall of Lennar, Voodoo Accounting & the homebuilders, the breaking of the Bear Stearns, wondering whether Lehman really was a lemming in disguise or the fall of commercial real estate, among a plethora of other controversial, contrarian, and direct contravention to the Sell Side calls that I have made.

As explained in the second half of the video above, many still fail to understand the typical Wall Street bank business model, and more importantly fail actually audit the performance of said banks advice, recommendation and trading. I have laid it bare in BoomBustBlog many a time, which is probably the reason why my blog is banned from more than half of the big bank intranets!!! If you need an explicit example of what I a talking about, simply reference "Wall Street Real Estate Funds Lose Between 61% to 98% for Their Investors as They Rake in Fees!"


For those who have not heard....

We believe Reggie Middleton and his team at the BoomBust bests ALL of Wall Street's sell side research: Did Reggie Middleton, a Blogger at BoomBustBlog, Best Wall Streets Best of the Best?

In the video above, the audience's interesting question as to why I clamored on about the Pan-European Sovereign Debt Crisis, warning since January 2010 while the sell side of Wall Street kept selling PIIGS debt to clients was quite telling, indeed. Well... The proof is in the pudding. Click here for the first year of warnings and admonitions, or click here for the latest scoop!

Anecdotal picks from the BoomBustBlog archives nearly two years ago...

  1. The Coming Pan-European Sovereign Debt Crisis – introduces the crisis and identified it as a pan-European problem, not a localized one.
  2. What Country is Next in the Coming Pan-European Sovereign Debt Crisis? – illustrates the potential for the domino effect

  3. The Pan-European Sovereign Debt Crisis: If I Were to Short Any Country, What Country Would That Be.. – attempts to illustrate the highly interdependent weaknesses in Europe’s sovereign nations can effect even the perceived “stronger” nations.

  4. The Coming Pan-European Sovereign Debt Crisis, Pt 4: The Spread to Western European Countries

  5. The Depression is Already Here for Some Members of Europe, and It Just Might Be Contagious!

  6. The Beginning of the Endgame is Coming???

  7. I Think It’s Confirmed, Greece Will Be the First Domino to Fall

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