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Weeks After I Told Subscribers Bunds Where The Unrecognized Short Of The Quarter... Featured

Weeks after I told my subscribers that Bunds were the unrecognized short of the quarter in "And The Next Stop On The European Bank Flu Express Is" - BAM!

  1. German Bond Auction Fails - The Atlantic: 1 day ago – A year ago, Germany and France could probably have saved the euro--at least for a time--by stepping…

  2. Germany Fails to Get Bids for 35% of Bonds Offered at Debt Sale (Businessweek): Germany failed to get sufficient bids at an auction of benchmark 10-year bunds today to reach its maximum sales target of 6 billion euros ($8.06 ...

I also said Italy would cause France and Germany to be at odds, as both start to sell off in the post "When The Duopolistic Owners Of The EU Printing Presses Disagree On The Color Of The Ink!"as well as After Warning Of Italy Woes Nearly Two Years Ago, No One Should Be Surprised As It Implodes Bringing The EU With It"

Once could probably guess what happes immediately thereafter... Like clockwork... Italian, Belgian Yields Rise; Bunds Sell-Off

German and French banks and governments are about to get hammered through to totally separate yet unrecognized industries. I will cover the reason in detail after the holidays for subscribers - but here's a hint: Instead of waiting for Germany and France to rescue the EU, one should start wondering who's going to rescue Germany and France. Take out your calculators people! There are no shining knights riding to the rescue...  Watch The Pandemic Bank Flu Spread From …

I discussed European real estate yesterday in the post Are The Ultra Conservative Dutch Immune To Pan-European Pandemic Contagion? Are You Safe During An Earthquake Because You Keep Your Shoes Tied Snugly? If you have an economic interest or even curiosity in European Real estate, it is suggested you read the afore-linked post as well as...

Those who wish to download the full article in PDF format can do so here: Reggie Middleton on Stagflation, Sovereign Debt and the Potential for bank Failure at the ING ACADEMY-v2.


And in closing, here are the two Dutch real estate videos I posted yesterday that were never released before...

Part 1

Part 2

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