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Observations Of French Markets From A Trader's Perspective Featured

As excerpted from European Bank Run Trading Supplement Available for Download, here is the first of several observations of European markets from a trader's perspective...

The Monthly chart, with only one more trading day left tomorrow [Friday] shows we are breaking the monthly trendline at 3910 THIS month (July), even though on a weekly basis, there were a few weeks this month where it was below already.

That’s a quite NEGATIVE new development, with the 1st natural target being around 3600 (high above the trendline was 4200, break point  3900 - so a 300 point range) that 3600 level is the Nov10 low. A more serious target behind is the 2010s low in the 3300-3375 range. Beyond that, we need more negative news (which of course is likely to happen) but also we need the technicals to deteriorate more.
After all we’ve seen markets in levitation with bad news, so after 900 points from the highs and so much money printing it could well hold, right?

Then a 3300-3900 range would be in play and remove 100 points each side for most of the action for say 6 months if this scenario holds.

The intra-month attempt to stay above 3900 failed in a week time (1st week of July), and the rebound in the 3rd week was capped by the 10wk MA at 3870, just 1% below the monthly trendline.  This is a very bad setting.

Of note some big chip names have seen big drops very recently, like automaker PEUGEOT, which revised down its earnings. The worst performers this year in the index have NOT been financials.


CDS in the French markets are also on the rise. Its safe to assume that some of the bigger credit players are drawing conclusions similar to those espoused in the BoomBustBlog subscription documents regarding Italy and the path of contagion.

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