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  1. “His work is so detailed, so accurate, it's among the best in the world,” says Eric Sprott, CEO of Sprott Asset Management, a Toronto firm that manages about $5 billion and subscribes to Mr. Middleton's research.
  2. Michael Riley, managing member at Coastal Management Group, a Rhode Island investment firm, adds: “On the housing crisis, he was way ahead. You see a lot of guys like Reggie out on their own, thinking they're really onto something, and in his case, I think he really may be.”

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Reggie, Thank you. Your site has much excellent information for me and my students. I look forward to reading it regularly.

ps I am a professor at the Finance Academy, Moscow, Russia

In the early 2000's I had a small technology company which developed a web-based application to manage problem residential mortgages.
Being in the mortgage banking industry at every concievable level since the early eighties, my partners and I saw a market for this new type of software.
One of our first big clients was Aurora Loan Services, which was the mortgage servicer owned by Lehman.
Lehman was so concerned that the application would work they took a piece of my company to ensure development and delivery of the software that was to assist them in tracking and managing their impending residential mortgage credit losses.

Lehman was underwriting the lion's share of RMBS and holding a lot of the risk because the spreads were so fat.
I was working with their top traders in NYC and they knew the sunshine of the early 2000's was signaling a tsunami not a day at the beach.

And as you so overwhelmingly point out, the regulators were caught with their "shorts" down.

The SEC?
If they couldn't stop Madoff how could we expect them to challenge an institution like Lehman?
So, we don't need more regulation, we simply need men and women who are responsible and accountable to a higher standard than their fear and trembling of Wall Street icons.

You hit it out of the park when it counted.
So I'm calling you the financial industry's Mr. October, Reggie.kudos


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