Wednesday, 07 April 2010 19:14

On Gold Bug Ducks, Magical Regulators, and Innocent (yet funny) Bunny Bloggers

Last week I reposted "Deflation, Inflation or Stagflation - You Be the Judge!"on a couple of other blogs and it got the gold bugs acting awfully Daffy Duckish! First an excerpt from last year's post...

In continuing the rant on the possibility of the US entering a stagflationary environment, as was hinted by Alcoa's quarterly report (see "Is My Warning of the Risks of a Stagflationary Environment Coming to Fore?"), I have decided to graphically illustrate the historically most successful inflation hedges. Click graphic below to enlarge.


For those "gold bugs" who have never ran the numbers, gold offers less inflation protection than your house does. The same goes for WTI crude and probably most other categories of oil.

Now an excpert of the Donald Duckish behavior. Notice the Regulator in the blue hat, the Gold bugs as Daffy Duck, and Reggie - represented by my man, Bugs!

A few more facts to munch on:


Click this one to enlarge in order to get a better view.


A different perspective


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