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The Pan-European Sovereign Debt Crisis

{jcomments on}The Asset Securitization Crisis of 2007, 2008 and 2009 led to the demise of several global banks and institutions. Central bank induced risky asset bubbles gave rise to, what was popularly considered and reported as through the popular media, a rapid recovery. The reality was that the insolvencies that marked the crisis were passed on, in part, to the sovereign nations that sponsored the Crisis, and as the chickens came home to roost the Asset Securitization Crisis has now blown into a full Sovereign debt crisis.

The Pan-European Sovereign Debt Crisis, to date (free):

  1. The Coming Pan-European Sovereign Debt Crisis – introduces the crisis and identified it as a pan-European problem, not a

    Latest Pan-European Sovereign Risk Subscription Research – The Good Stuff!!!

    Actionable Intelligence Note For All Paying Subscribers on European Bank Research

    File Icon A Review of the Spanish Banks from a Sovereign Risk Perspective – retail.pdf

    File Icon A Review of the Spanish Banks from a Sovereign Risk Perspective – professional

    File Icon Ireland public finances projections

    File Icon Spain public finances projections_033010

    File Icon UK Public Finances March 2010

    File Icon Italy public finances projection

    File Icon Greece Public Finances Projections

    File Icon Banks exposed to Central and Eastern Europe

    File Icon Greek Banking Fundamental Tear Sheet

    File Icon Italian Banking Macro-Fundamental Discussion Note
    File Icon Spanish Banking Macro Discussion Note

    Online Spreadsheets (professional and institutional subscribers only)

    localized one.

  2. What Country is Next in the Coming Pan-European Sovereign Debt Crisis? – illustrates the potential for the domino effect

  3. The Pan-European Sovereign Debt Crisis: If I Were to Short Any Country, What Country Would That Be.. – attempts to illustrate the highly interdependent weaknesses in Europe’s sovereign nations can effect even the perceived “stronger” nations.

  4. The Coming Pan-European Soverign Debt Crisis, Pt 4: The Spread to Western European Countries

  5. The Depression is Already Here for Some Members of Europe, and It Just Might Be Contagious!

  6. The Beginning of the Endgame is Coming???

  7. I Think It’s Confirmed, Greece Will Be the First Domino to Fall

  8. Smoking Swap Guns Are Beginning to Litter EuroLand, Sovereign Debt Buyer Beware!

  9. Financial Contagion vs. Economic Contagion: Does the Market Underestimate the Effects of the Latter?

  10. Greek Crisis Is Over, Region Safe”, Prodi Says – I say Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

  11. Germany Finally Comes Out and Says, “We’re Not Touching Greece” – Well, Sort of…

  12. The Greece and the Greek Banks Get the Word “First” Etched on the Side of Their Domino

  13. As I Warned Earlier, Latvian Government Collapses Exacerbating Financial Crisis

  14. Once You Catch a Few EU Countries “Stretching the Truth”, Why Should You Trust the Rest?

  15. Lies, Damn Lies, and Sovereign Truths: Why the Euro is Destined to Collapse!

  16. Ovebanked, Underfunded, and Overly Optimistic: The New Face of Sovereign Europe

  17. Moody’s Follows Suit Behind Our Analysis and Downgrades 4 Greek Banks

  18. The EU Has Rescued Greece From the Bond Vigilantes,,, April Fools!!!

  19. How BoomBustBlog Research Intersects with That of the IMF: Greece in the Spotlight

  20. Grecian News and its Relevance to My Analysis

  21. A Summary and Related Thoughts on the IMF’s “Strategies for Fiscal Consolidation in the Post-Crisis

  22. Euro-Gossip Debunked, Courtesy of Trichet and the IMF!

  23. Greek Soap Opera Update: Back to the Bailout That Was Never Needed?

  24. Many Institutions Believe Ireland To Be A Model of Austerity Implementation But the Facts Beg to Differ!

  25. As I Explicitly Forwarned, Greece Is Well On Its Way To Default, and Previously Published Numbers Were Waaaayyy Too Optimistic!

  26. LTTP (Late to the Party), Euro Style: Goldman Recommends Betting On Contagion Risk In Portuguese, Spanish And Italian Banks 3 Months After BoomBustBlog

  27. Beware of the Potential Irish Ponzi Scheme!

  28. The Daisy Chain Effect That I Anticipated Appears To Have Commenced!

  29. How Greece Killed Its Own Banks!

  30. Introducing The BoomBustBlog Sovereign Contagion Model: Thus far, it has been right on the money for 5 months straight!

  31. With Europe’s First Real Test of Contagion Quarrantine Failing, BoomBustBloggers Should Doubt the Existence of a Vaccination

  32. What We Know About the Pan European Bailout Thus Far

  33. As I Warned Yesterday, It Appears the Market Is Calling the Europeans Bluff – It’s Now Put Up Or Get Put Down

  34. How the US Has Perfected the Use of Economic Imperialism Through the European Union!

  35. The Greek Bank Tear Sheet is Now Available to the Public

  36. BoomBustBlog Irish Research Becomes Reality

  37. PIIGSlets in a Bank: Another European Banks-at-Risk Actionable Research Note

  38. Sovereign debt exposure of Insurers and Reinsurers

  39. As We Have Warned, the Fissures Are Widening in the Spanish Banking System

  40. “With the Euro Disintegrating, You Can Calculate Your Haircuts Here”

  41. What is the Most Likely Scenario in the Greek Debt Fiasco? Restructuring Via Extension of Maturity Dates

  42. The ECB and the Potential Failure of Quantitative Easing, Euro Edition – In the Spotlight!

  43. Introducing the Not So Stylish Portuguese Haircut Analysis

  44. A Comparison of Our Greek Bond Restructuring Analysis to that of Argentina

  45. Osborne Seems to Have Read the BoomBustBlog UK Finances Analysis, His U.K. Deficit Cuts May Rattle Coalition

Follow the UK and Eurozone topic list for our latest analysis of Pan-European issues.

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