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A Quick Listing of My Tweets After Apple's Predicted Miss

Apple has reported, and rather than go through my usual analytic narrative, I've decided that I'll just post my Twitter stream from the last 30 minutes. For those that don't follow me, I have been practically a lone bear on Apple and finally publicly called for a short on their stock the week the iPhone 5 was released. That was about $700 per share. AAPL is trading after hours and after earnings at about $459 per share, or over 400% later in 3 month puts? Many sites had commentors, with ZH and Seeking Alpha in particular, spread no shortage of hate. Well, karma would have 100s of apologetic, "You were spot on" style apologies, correct? New comers to my writings should review "Deconstructing The Most Accurate Apple Analysis Ever Made - Share Price, Market Share, Strategy and All" in detail. No further comment necessary...
Eric B 13 @13EricB

@ReggieMiddleton Genius calls on#AAPL for the last year and a half. Great Research!

Shane MacDougall @Tactical_Intel

@ReggieMiddleton You've been calling the Apple margin compression issue for a long time. Kudos.


Posted b4 4th #AAPL miss: Cost Shifting Your Way To Prominence: Google Wins - Apple, RIM & Microsoft Have ALREADY LOST!…

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