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Rumors????. I prefer to make investment decisions based on facts, whether buying or
selling. The financial stocks are down because of huge losses due to factors that we
all know about. If commercial and residential conditions continue to deteriorate those
losses will accelerate depending on the "quaility" of their RE loan portfolio. If the IB's
want to quell the rumors, open your books, show everyone the quality of your loan pools,
counterparty risks etc. ie. total transparency. Blaming rumor-mongers and short-sellers for their problems is pretty "interesting" stuff. On a more serious note. I find it unconscionable that anyone or any organization could recommend buying these stocks without
that sort of transparency. If it was in the IB's best interest to be transparent, they
would be. Or,should we just take them at their word that "everything is A-OK and right
on schedule."