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less than 10% of the time! As much as I would like to be mad at my big firm broker for the constant mantra of "stay invested", I know he is just repeating what he is told from the top. Meanwhile, the people at the top have all cashed in already and sold everybody else worthless paper and/or equity positions in companies with essential insolvency due to their depreciated collateral and/or incalcuably complex phony credit derivative instruments. I held Worldcom back when the Smith Barney analyst had to get his kid into the best preschool and phonied up his rating. I held the highly touted but overrated "solid" tech companies in the NASDAQ boom such as EMC and Cisco. I have held all kinds of toxic stocks but still I trusted. This was the last time for me and probably most of middle America. Unless you are investing in the military industrial complex companies which are guaranteed to continue making $$$ with wasteful no bid contracts from our endless "War on Terror", there is not much that is certain over the next decade.

You, Reggie, have the forgotten trait of honesty and sharp independent analysis that apparently left the Street long ago and is being perpetuated by the refusal of the trapped or crony "regulators" to force the holders to mark the assets at true value. Every American who has to pay for this corny strongarm bailout and hasn't already moved their money offshore to avoid the taxes we will inevitably pay should be outraged.