Self Help and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Self Help and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (27)

Saturday, 23 October 2010 07:01

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You are not authorized to access this content. Please subscribe to one of our premium plans or upgrade/renew your existing plan. If you are currently a paying subscriber and cannot access the intended content, you may have to upgrade your plan to a higher level. Feel free to contact Customer Support for assistance or use our self service upgrade path for instant access.

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Sunni Middleton Customer Service

You can  change your email address, password etc from the "User Menu" on the lower left frame of the website. Click "My Profile" and when at your profile page click "Edit my Profile".

            See below for a primer on how to use the blog.

First and foremost, register. It's fast, it's free, and it gives you access to everything available on the site and listed below. Once you have registered and signed in, got to "My Profile" in your User Menu. This is command central, where you can opt in or out of various site features and view your personals site statistics. At the top you have three tabs: the "Edit Tab" allows you to "Update Your Profile" information and "Update Your Image", so you can upload a picture of yourself or an avatar for those who are shy. The connections tab allows you to Manage Your Connections to others in this blog's community. Connections are digital relationships that you have made with others. They are designed to facilitate social interaction among the blog's constituency. More on this a little later. You will also find in this window your statistics, such as how many "hits" your profile has received, online status, profile rating by others, etc.

My profile screenshot

You have the option of sending email through the email system which keeps email addresses private for the recipient, and/or using the internal private messaging system , which users can tell to email them if they are not online (optional).
Towards the bottom of the window, there are tabs for Article that you have written. Yes, you can create your own blog here by clicking the "
Submit Content" in the user menu,but to have it appear on the greater site, you will have to have it screened by me and approved - Warning, while I really love to have guest bloggers on the site, I am quite picky.


The next tab calls for a list of your connections, as mentioned above. These are the established relationships that you have in the community. It allows for one click email and messaging, and alerts when your connections are online with you.

My Invites

My Invites 

 My invites is a cornerstone in community building in the Boom Bust Blog. It facilitates community member's invitation to others to view and join this financial community. By clicking the My Invites  tab on the bottom of your profile, then clicking the Invite Tool, you will get a dialog that resembles the one to the left. It allows for the easy importation email addresses by clck the blue "Add from my address book " button. Now you have the option of importation from popular web-based emails or desktop based email apps (be sure to click the actual hyperlink to import, and not the pictures). Don't worry, the blog does not keep nor store your data (see the Privacy Statement). It just makes it easy for you to email several people quickly. It very quick, and quite slick -  but then again I am a nerd.

The more people you invite to the Boom Bust Blog, the more dynamic and vibrant it will become. In addition, the more people you invite, the more flexibility it gives me to publish my high end research without charge. The analytical staff that I employ is expensive...

This is the contacts import dialog. 

email grab














Once you have invited your invitees, they will be tracked into the site and you will be notified if and when they join as well as any outstanding invites. You have the option to have them automatically connected to you upon invitation (so, don't invite anyone you don't like:-)

 invite summary

The system also keeps a running log of your accepted invites independent of your connections throughout the blog.


 Now, back to the other tabs in your profile page...


 \The newsletter tab alerts you to the status of the newsletter delivery that you chose when you registered. I will be sending out newsletters on opinion and analysis roughly once a week starting in January 2008.
The profile book show the status of your profile and the options you chose during registration. They can be changed by editing your profile.
My Blog
My blog give you the statistics on your personal blogging activity on this site.
 Now, back the Main Menu, there is a
site map that outlines the entire site, so you know what is available and where and a "all articles" command that displays all articles in chronological order.

This tutorial is a work in progress. I will be adding on to it over time. Feel free to ask any questions via the comments dialog below. 

            Simply do not renew the subscription upon expiration. If you are on an automated recurring billing ( or Paypal subscription, you will have to request subscription cancellation on the eve or renewal. Cancelling your subscription midterm will cancel your access to the site. Please be aware that the subscription fees are non-refundable - which is why we supply ample access to sample research documents throughout the site. We will issue pro-rata credits for upgrades, though.

           You must be registered and subscribed to the site to access the free content. The content is provided on varying levels. Retail subscribes can only access "retail" and "free" content. Professional  and institutional subscribers can access all of the content.

We u      We usually try to respond within 24 hours. It may take us longer to respond on holidays and weekends.

Usua   Usually a newsletter will only be emailed if there is a new post/article or a change to an existing post/article. If you haven't received a newsletter (and have not unsubscribed) it is likely because Reggie hasn't posted anything new yet.

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