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Debt Encumbered Oil, Sovereign Soil, Toil & Trouble: Can't You Hear Seems Cracking in the OPEC Empire? Featured

Depositphotos 18850537 originalsmall@WSJ reports Libya Ramping Up Oil Production, Threatening OPEC (supposed) Plans to lift global oil place by artificially limiting supply. This would be in violation of federal antii-trust laws in the US, aka collusion. Alas this is not the US. It's not in accordance with the basic tenets of economics either, hence simple supply and demand will put the kibosh on this.... Oh No! Its too late, you say?!?!?

Output hit three-year high this week as Libyan militias make deals to reopen facilities. Libya’s crude-oil production has more than tripled in the past six months, imposing an obstacle to the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ plans to raise.



 I have warned many times that OPEC will not, as a whole, be able to adhere to sustained production cuts. Most nations have only one relevant source of revenue - and that's oil. They have hard stop budgetary needs and risk social unrest tf they aren't met. The region in general is struggling to avoid an economic hard landing, and the fundamentals and macro outlook doesn't appear to be on their side.

Look at Saud 9 months ago...

Saudi Burn rate hypothetical


I have tweeted about this several times. See below, and if you don't follow me on Twitter, than add me. We even have a blockchain-based solution for all to try.














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 These are relevant legacy BoomBustBlog research reports that involve the oil industry.

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