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Tuesday, 28 January 2014 11:51

Exactly As I Anticipated & Warned Subscribers (again)... Apple Tanks!!! Featured

A screen shot of the page before the valuation section of the BoomBustBlog Apple Q3 update...

Apple forecast justified

Apple has peformed EXACTLY as forecast. There's not much more to include here except for a subscription link (subscribe here)...


War On Sell Side Wall Street - Apple Edition: To $1,000 & Beyond!

Apple Is Now Losing The Tablet Wars Not Only To Android But Itself As Well

As Predicted, Google Forces Cost Shifting Business Model Down Throat Of Smartphone Market, Disruption Ensues
Again, The Sell Side Analysts (Even The Rock Star Analysts) Don't Seem To Understand The Mobile Computing Wars 

Reggie Middleton's Apple Q4 2013 Preliminary Analysis Is Ready For Download

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