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The Oppo N1 vs LG G2, Nokia 1520 & 1020 Pureview Cameras and the Apple 5S Featured

In foillowing up on the photographic capabilities of the flagship device from Oppo, I want to make my followers aware of the following updates. I have taken a few more pictures around town and I'd like to share what I've discovered from this capable device from the Chinese Margin Compressor known as Oppo.

After takng a trip to a local AT&T store...

20131110 150752

Now, as you may recall from my post yesterday (A Thorough Look At The Oppo N1's Photographic Capabilities: Low Margin, High OEMs That Can Threaten Apple & Samsungregarding the N1's dissappointing camera performance I believe this hardware can do better. As you can see above, if the subject is saturated with light the N1 outperforms in terms of realism if not resolution. I mailed the company yesterday (Sunday) early evening and they replied early this morning (remember, the company is based in China, I'm in NYC). This is the reply: 

We'll be sending out a firmware update on Nov. 14th (subject to change) and you should see improvements with both the camera and the battery life. Will confirm that date when I can. Thanks for sending in that post!

Maybe I'm a little cynical, but I doubt very seriously I can get a turnaround that fast from Samsung, LG, Apple, Nokia/Microsoft or Apple. I have a problem getting samples of the product sent over. Let this be and example of how hungry and responsice this little manufacturer of high end equipment is. When you raise the bar on performance and drop prices, what does it mean????


On the topic of battery life, the N1 has the biggest battery that I'm aware of in a cell phone. Here's the results of my first day of usage. For those who don't speak Android, I used this phone for 22 and half hours taking photos and videos, VOIP phone calls, surfing the web, etc. and still had 19% battery left. Oppo says there's an update coming out in 3 days that will further extend battery life. How do they achieve such a long lasting battery? A 3,600mAH battery (the largest in the industry) coupled with a CPU chip that is frugal, no LTE (but it does have penta-band HSPA+) and optimized and above all, light, customization to the Android OS.

Regarding the picture below, the phone was plugged into a car charger between 10 to 20 minutes in the middle of the day, and although the cellular radio was on, no SIM chip was installed. Instead I used VOIP while tethered to my other phone throughout the day. Most other sensors and radios were on and I took extensive full resolution pictures with and without the flash.

thumb CAM00105 copyo

Why am I focusing on the camera so much?

When the  first camera appeared on cell phones in Japan in 2000 and shortly thereafter in the states, photography from the phone was a novelty. The pictures were grainy, blurry and very low resolution. It was at this time that the camera manufacturers should have caught on. Alas, like practically any other successful industry, they rested on thier laurels as cell phone and then smart phone manufacturers steadily increased the performance of their devices. Fastforward ten years and these cell phones have all but decimated the once powerhouses in point and shoot photography. Ask KodakOlympus, Polariod and Minolta if you doubt me, or reference Put your point-and-shoot in a museum, next-gen phones have finally...

Now, we have the heavy weights of the photography industry - who have all gove digital - and they are exhibiting the same hubris as the smaller point and shoot guys - you know, the guys who are all but out of business. Reference To Save Itself, The DSLR Market Should Look To Smartphones And Revalue Each Press Of The Shutter or reference the WSJ report claiming DSLR camera shipments could fall 9.1 percent by the end of 2013, versus 2012, according to research firm IDC. As you might imagine, DSLR diehards poo poo this notion, but then again so did the executives of the point and shoot industry 5 years ago. Don't worry fellas, I know - "But... But... But... It's different this time!"

From the N1 without the software patch... 20131110 155251 9411IMG20131110151456 1IMG20131110152940IMG20131111015705IMG20131111024856


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The update from two months ago is also of value for those who haven't read it. It turns out that it was quite prescienct!

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