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A Thorough Look At The Oppo N1's Photographic Capabilities: Low Margin, High Quality OEMs That Can Threaten Apple & Samsung Featured

In continuing with the "Hardware is Dead" mantra, I bring you a company that I introduced last year as the maker of some of the most beautiful, durable and innovative handsets available. Below is an introductory overview of their latest flagship handset, the N1 from Oppo - a Chinese company that I featured on my blog about a year and a half ago with thier then flagship - the Finder 5. It was the first five inch full HD phone that I was aware of. It was the first phone sporting a 13 MP camera that I knew of. It was sexy, a sandwich of metal and hardened glass. It was also the thinnest smartphone that I knew of at the time. Although a year old, it is still competitive in terms of performance and specs. Unlike the iPhone, it was durable as well. How durable? Check out this demo...

So, if you're a true nerd such as I, you must wonder what the follow-up flagship from this little known company that makes reference quality high end Blu-Ray players is like. Well, rotating 13 MP camera, 3600 mAH  battery, BLE remote control, rear mounted touch pad - it's different and an obvious attempt at innovation beyond the simple rectangular slabs that we've grown used to. Of course, not everthing is herbs and roses here, but one thing is for sure - priced below $600 US, it can easily put margin pressure on the big boys if it catches on. I should know, because I pioneered the hypothesis of Southeast Asian companies armed with Android ripping through profit margins of the big boys three years ago when the mere thought of such was blasphemous and I was thought to be inept. Now, if you Google "Apple Samsung margin compression" you get...

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Here's a quick video of the unboxing and a comparison to the market leader as well as my personal favorite. There are two technical errors in the video, One, the camera does NOT have OIS (optical image stabilization) which is apparent in low light situations, and two the camera assembly has a 6 element lens array, not 7. This may be minor to most, but the technical geeks among you will notice the snafu.

About the camera...

There's a lot to write about the camera on this phone. Let's start with... 

The Good

Let's face it, the iPhone is still probably the most popular phone among the cosmopolitan, metropolitan cutie crowd. They buy it because it's cute, and these girls use the cute iPhone to make a lot of cute "selfies". From grade school, to high school, to undergrad, to college and grad school, to the young adult dating scene, to married with kids, to taking self portrait flics with the grand kids - the front camera on smartphones get worn out by the female cosmo crowd. This is where the N1 stands out.  It uses one very high quality camera on a swivel instead of a big/little combination back and front. The results, combined with innovative software, are quite impressive.

The self photography (or selfie) market is bigger than even I thought. I took the N1 to various spots around NYC city and let cute girls esconced in make-up try it out. They loved it. Check this out...

You swivel the camera a full 270 degrees to the from to take a hi-res selfie...


You then invoke the "Make-up" app and choose the desired effect (sexy, elegant, sping freshness, blah, blah, blahhh...). The phone then applies its processing wizardy around your face, eyes, head and mouth. If you click the "fine tuning" option, you can drill down to specific facial parts to custom sculpt your face...





You custom sculpt your facial parts by grabbing and dragging the dots to where you'd like to expand or contract your eyes, mouth and lips...


This is the finished product...


For those non-make up type guys (I profess that I may be one of them) who may not be able to see the difference, this is a split screen comparison...


I believe Oppo may be on to something here... 

Then there's the Bad...

I consider the N1 to be a photography-centric phone, and as such I must admit that I was rather dissappointed with the performance of the camera in low light settings and even in broad daylight, particularly when compared to competing high performing shooters such as the LG G2 and the new Nokia phablet (I believe it's the 1520) & the 1020. There was a material amount of noise, graininess and trouble locking on focus. From a company that has put out such high quality product in the recent past, I was really taken aback. So much so that I decided to look into the problem further. In defense of the company, I believe I got one of the very first  - if not the first - production models and it may have shipped a tad bit incomplete. 

The camera on the Oppo N1 is a 13 Megapixel Sony EXMOR RS Stacked CMOS Sensor unit. This is the exact same sensor found on the Find 5 (above), the Lenovo K900, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 3. It is a 1/3.06″ sensor. Oppo attempts to set it apart from the competition by complementing it with a six element f2.0 aperture lens. According to the marketing material the lens is coated with IR and Blue filters for reduced chromatic aberrations and purple fringing. The innovative part is that whole unit sits on a swivel-type arrangement that can rotate 206 degrees for using the same camera for front-facing as well as rear-facing shots.

Remember investors, it is the higher end cameras on phones that have all but destroyed the point and shoot industry (ie. Minolta>Sony, Samsung, Nikon, Canon, etc.) and is clearly threatening to move up the food chain to higher end prosumer and mirrorless devices. Many may poo - poo this statement and sentiment, but then again so did those consumer point and shoot manufactuers from a few years ago - you know those very same guys whose market is just about subsumed, and it is clear that the smart money will look for photographic innovation from companies who are trying to outrun margin compression. The problem is you will probably not be able to do so unless you have low labor cost structure - as in SE Asia, and even then, the laws of economics will catch up to you - right Samsung? From the Oppo web site...


Cutting Edge Optics

N1 is the first Android smartphone to use six physical lenses, giving you a clearer image while eliminating any distortion. The latest generation stacked CMOS sensor, upgraded type 1/3.06 imaging module and f/2.0 wide aperture lets more light in, so you can take great photos even in dark environments.

Not satisfied with what was available, we partnered with the leading optics companies to tailor make our own image-processing solution for improved white balance, exposure and focus. No matter the lighting condition, the N1 camera captures astonishing clarity and detail.

Reinvented Flash Technology

Like any camera, the N1 is equipped with a flash to light up dark environments. The dual flash design consists of a normal flash for back facing shots and a diffused softer light for when you flip the camera forward. With its brightness tunable via the OPPO N1 camera software, the front facing flash will provide perfect lighting conditions for any front facing shots.

Capture the Essence of Time

With unprecedented hardware support, the N1 supports long exposure photography of up to 8 seconds. Capture more than pictures; capture the pulse of the moment.

Camera Design

Designing a rotating camera was a challenging engineering problem. More than a year of work and over 20 different camera designs ultimately led to the simple brilliance of the OPPO N1. The small camera housing includes more than 10 modules, 50 cables, and 67 components. Every part is structurally reinforced and undergoes anti-static treatment.


So, you must be asking the same question that I asked myself. With all of this fancy schmancy camera tech, how is it that the N1 produced pictures that I wasn't happy with? For one, I believe it's a low level firmware and/or driver issue. That means that the N1 could still quite possible be the best thing since sliced bread, but was shipped (to me, at least) with half-baked software that crippled what looks like excellent hardware. This is a guess, mind you. This is the evidence.

This is the LG G2 pic taken at full resolution with all automatic settings on, the picture has been cropped to fit comfortably on this page.

G2 sample cropped 

This is the Oppo N1 pic taken under the same conditions and settings...

N1 sample cropped

There is much more noise in the N1s version, and the more you zoom in and the closer you look the more apparent it is. The N1 underperformed the Note 3's camera and LG G2 (although most cameras do, even the Note 3). The N1 was litereally blown out of the water by the Nokia phablet. I presumed such poor performance from such apparently premium hardware stemmed from over compression and misprocessing of raw data from the sensor. To remedy such I downloaded Camere FV5, an app that allows DSLR level flexibility in configuring your Android smartphone's camera. It allows you to adjust the compression of the JPG file upon saving and to save in a near lossless PNG format. To all of the non-geeks who actually have a life and have no idea of what I'm talking about, this app allows you to take pictures without being tampered with by the OEM enginneers forethoughts on how the picture should be processed once taken. The logis is, if the pics were being overprocessed or compressed too much, this would solve the problem. Alas, even with the lack of compression, subpar results ensued. 

I'm going to give Oppo the benefit of the doubt on this one and request they clarify the issue with the camera. If I'm right and the drivers need to be tweaked and/or rewritten, the N1 may very well still be one of the best photographic phones on the market. 

 My next post on this topic will cover the N1s other features in comparison to its competition, how it pans out in day to day use (there's plenty of other sites who do benchmarks and other tech stuff) and most importantly whether this device or a device like this can make a dent in the US markets and consequently in Apple and Samung's profit margins.

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