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Watch As Microsoft Catches Google's Margin Compression Flu: Increases Functionality of Zero Cost Microsoft Office Featured


Last week I aggressively chided rock star sells side analysts for daring to say that Apple's reported slide in gross margins weren't real reduced margins. Those who know the industry well know that Apple is being sucked into matching the efforts of the market king Microsft and the uber aggressive challenger Google in the offering of free office productivity software. Of course, this brings about #MarginCompression for all but Google since the other two companies actually sell this software while Google always gave it away for free.

Well, last week we say Apple write down nearly a billion dollars on this event, and today we can expect the same from Microsoft, again potentially couched in the effect of its weakening but still apparent reality distortion field. To wit, ZDnet publishes: Microsoft improves its free online Office

Where's Office for the iPad? Maybe you're looking in the wrong place. Today, Microsoft released its latest batch of Office Web App updates, pushing its free offering well past the feature set offered by its rivals.

Office is Microsoft's fattest cash cow. It's even more profitable than the ubiquitous Windows franchise. Pray tell, what happens when you materially increase functionality while simultaneously drop and/or maintain pricing at ZERO?

Once again, why is this happening?

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