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What So Important About The Launch Of The Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Featured


Samsung has started selling the newest edition of its venerable Note series, the Galaxy Note 3. Those of you who follow me know that I have predicted Samsung taken the reigns from Apple with its Android powered Galaxy series of phones as far back as 2011, reference Deconstructing The Most Accurate Apple Analysis Ever Made ....

This prediction came true and the financial positions based upon it paid off - in Spades!!! I also made additional observations, most notably that Google's Android business model will bring about margin compression across the board and not in just the Apple camp. Was I right? Well... Samsung Follows Footsteps Of Apple, HTC, Nokia - Wasn't That Quick?

The launch of the Galaxy Note 3 shows several things:

  1. Samsung has been extremely successful in creating and defending market niches
  2. Samsung has beat Apple at its own game of volume plus (not or, but plus) premium pricing
  3. Samsung is trying to go for margin by selling its devices at a premium 
  4. Samsung's success may be its downfall, just as was the cast with hubristic Apple management. Heavy hardware R&D was not the order of the day. Combine this with the fact Samsug's (and Apple's) runaway success in terms of sales volumes naturally meant that they will have problems in procuring the best components, particularly when the manufacturers/vendors of said components are your direct competitors. This happened to Apple buying chip/memory/CPUs from Samsung, screen and camera tech from LG and Sony, etc. The Android less then free model has turned contractor and vendor into enemies. Now, Samung is facing the same problems that took its erstwhile, yet defeated enemy down.

This is most notable in the lack of OIS (optical image stabilization) in the Samsung Note 3. Basically, this physical feature allows for the device to take more accurate, sharper and accurate pictures given the same amount of resources. The note was slated to have this feature, but it fell through because the vendor couldn't produce the volume needed to satisfy the needs and demands of Samsung's flagship device.  That or the competition didn't want Samsung to have it, just like Samsung didn't want Apple to have its best component technology.

I want you to look at the difference this provides in both still photography and videos...

The Note 3


Teh G2...

20130930 133718

The Note 3...  20130930 133726



The G2...


 The Note 3...20130930 133734

The G2


t's not just the still camera that's significantly better. The video is smoother, sharper, clearer and faster - at up to 60 frames per second in full HD (the Note 3 records in 4k UHD, but since the screen doesn't support that resolution it's very difficult to guage quality. When I tested it, it still paled to the G2's 1080p results.

Now, Samsung did attempt to compensate by adding what is called digital image stabilization. This is basically software interpreting and attemptin to replicate optival image stabilization. It just doesn't work - not in this case nor any other case that I know of.

The LG G2 screen is brighter and more crisp than the Samsung flagship. The form facter displays better engineering chops in my opiniom through designe and is more compact due to the control buttons being on the back of the phone. The G2 bits a 5.2" screen into a device the size of a Galaxy S4. The Note's screen is on 5.7", a mere half inch larger in a device well over an inch bigger. Granted, it does have a Wacom digitizer and pen, but I used it rarely after the novelty wore off. The battery life in the G2 is also vastly superior. 

All of this in a device that retails for a full $200 less than the Galaxy Note 3. Do you remember what happened to Apple when it started charging a truly undeserved premium for its phones?


Next up, we look into what the new Apple iPhone 5S and 5C portend for Apple investors and speculators, then we move on to security. How do  you secure your phone and communications from the NSA, nosy people, or devious hacker types.

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