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I See A Game Changer Through Google Glass Featured

Sporting Google Glass in the NYC flagship Apple store - #BLASPHEMY!

The video below is my introduction to Google Glass. As I wear it around NYC getting used to it, I offer feedback from the everyday consumer on the street as well as the investment perspective behind it.

Google has almost consistently outgrown the adoption rate of web advertising. What does this mean? Well, it means that although Web advertising is getting bigger and more popular as a slice of the total advertising pie, Google is getting even bigger and more dominant in the space – not less. Google is beating competition back even as the market grows! 

Google ad growth

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The biggest risks to these price points are:

  1. A market that's being levitated by central bank magicians running short on magic spells...
  2. Regulatory pressure, which I feel is quite material and inevitable, but will not be a major factor in the near term. 
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