Monday, 29 April 2013 11:47

Reggie Middleton Goes For 2nd Win On CNBC Stock Challenge & Causes TROUBLE!!! Featured

CNBC Stock Draft 2013

I appeared on CNBC Friday to go for my 2nd win in their Stock Draft Challenge. Of course, I started trouble. I took the liberty of compiling  snippets from the last contest, the results and the most recent airing last Friday - along with some interesting notes. Pay attention to the argument that ensued when discussing Google's business model towards the middle of the video.

I will release fresh, updated Google research that incorporates projections for Google Glass and Google X Phone, as well as this quarter's most recent earnings update. In the meantime, refresh your collective memories with the last Google update published, see Google's Q4, 2012: This Looks To Be The Leader Of The New Distributed Information Paradigm.

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