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Does the MSM aim to pacify? Should blogs play a larger role in news and opinion dissemination?

I have a fairly sophisticated audience, but I just want to remind all of the value of this blog as compared to that of the mainstream media (MSM). Glance at my news topics for this morning, as compared to that of the leading business news cable channel (click the graphic to enlarge).


This particular news item takes the cake: Kris Allen Upset Winner of "American Idol"

Arkansas student Kris Allen won the eighth season of "American Idol" on Wednesday, dealing an unexpected defeat to singing rival Adam Lambert on the most popular U.S. television show.

Allen, 23, who won over audiences with his all-American good looks and by putting his personal spin on popular tunes, appeared shocked as Lambert, a 27-year-old musical theater actor, embraced him after host Ryan Seacrest's announcement.

"It feels good, but Adam deserves this," Allen said to Seacrest. "I don't even know what to feel right now, this is crazy."

A record high of nearly 100 million votes were cast in the finale. Allen's "Idol" win guarantees him a recording contract.

Of the two finalists, Allen was more clean-cut. A devout Christian from Arkansas, he was a newly married college student before landing on "American Idol."

He often performed with his acoustic guitar, winning praise for rearranging well-known tunes, among them Michael Jackson's "Remember the Time" and Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine."

As recently as last week, Allen was considered a long shot heading into the battle for the top two "Idol" spots, but he wowed the show's judges with his rendition of Kanye West's "Heartless," ousting early favorite Danny Gokey.

Now that we are all abreast of the prominent business and financial news for the day... If I didn't know any better, the MSM has an objective of lulling the masses into complacency:

To think, there are actually people who move their life savings at the behest of "tabloid fodder: such as this. I know I am probably destroying my chances of appearing on CNBC, but so be it This is the truth as I see it. I should be releasing a raft of macro notes to subscribers today, detailing the support for remaining with my thesis or switching to a more bullish accord.

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  • Comment Link Pontius Friday, 22 May 2009 19:37 posted by Pontius

    The fact that the media floods the airwaves, the printed press, and the internet with terabytes of trivial, useless crap is not an accident. It's not some unfortunate side effect. It's not a "whoops, we messed up". Instead, it is the very purpose of media. To confuse, distract, and deflect attention away from what really matters. [b]IT IS THE GOAL![/b]

    Arguing whether it's left, or right biased is a waste of time, and is yet another distraction invented by them to confuse, and deflect attention away from what matters. The fact is that it's not left or right, it's statist. Every program, and every MSM print piece has one goal: enlarge the government. Every single time they present a supposed "problem", their proposed "solution" always lies with having the government do more. There is one bias, and one agenda, and that bias is statism. Period.

    Blogs like this one, and many others, are a shining glimmer of truth, valuable information and common sense amid a sea of garbage and noise.

  • Comment Link shaunsnoll Friday, 22 May 2009 12:26 posted by shaunsnoll

    yeah, it's amazing this shite is the top story, last i checked we were in a 2 front war and the world was slipping into worste recession since 1930?! who cares about some american idol garbage?! DAMNIT america! wake up!

  • Comment Link dkn Thursday, 21 May 2009 19:32 posted by dkn

    I can offer verifiable documented truth that the media is controlled. It's a joke. Canada has more free press than we do.

  • Comment Link shaunsnoll Thursday, 21 May 2009 12:15 posted by shaunsnoll

    i always find it interesting to see how the same news is reported from many different sides. comparing US news with middle east, euro and japanese news sites is thought provoking.

  • Comment Link charlottemom Thursday, 21 May 2009 10:31 posted by charlottemom

    I love your site and agree with you regarding what MSM pushes out to audience. Reading your blog and others arms me with info/perspective that makes me a very popular conversationalist at dinner and cocktail parties (not to mention constructing our family's economic strategies). What I tell everyone is that if I have access to this info so do they (yes, I'm saying this to many banker friends at BofA and WFC). All they have to do is pull the info and not get bogged down with "convention wisdom" of experts on MSM.

    Having lived and traveled much abroad it is astounding to me how many Americans believe 1) the media is there to educate and inform you best (Ha) and 2) our gov would never lie to me (ha, ha). And the Charlotte bankers -- while they may know their specialty areas quite well, very few have a broad context for analysis or macroeconomic perspective.

    Thanks sharing your information -- its an education!

  • Comment Link gjk313 Thursday, 21 May 2009 09:13 posted by gjk313

    Well, you know on FoxNews the pundits talk quite frequnetly about NBC,MSNBC and CNBC..all owned by GE of course. GE is supposedly "in the tank" for Obama and perhaps the reporting at the GE owned properties is tilted in favor of making everything appear to be "working" or at least not reporting the real bad news. According to FoxNews GE is attempting to gain favor so that they will profit from "green technology" through their ties/favor of the Obama administation.

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