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Wednesday, 24 October 2012 11:42

Hey Muppets, Only Another 100% Climb In Share Price To Go Before You Break Even With MS/GS/FB Investment Advice Featured

FB Sep 21 12 18 puts

Facebook's price bounced 20%+ between earnings announcement yesterday and the posting of this article.  Curiously enough, the stock bounced to within a mere SEVENTY CENTS of our mutliple's based valuation target the day after earnings. I feel some love is in order here, for that was  damn good call! Subscribers, please reference the FB IPO Analysis & Valuation Note - update with per share valuation released exactly 5 months ago on 05/21/2012 (click here to subscribe). Just to remember where we came from (I'm just using the time period where it was possible to short or buy puts on the stock, to keep things real)....

As for keeping it real:

MOBILE GROWTH: Roughly 14 percent of its ad revenue came from mobile advertising, up from somewhere around zero. This is to be expected, but since we don't have any real baselines or history to compare this to, it truly means nothing other than Facebook has and can make SOME money from mobile. The query du jour is how much, and when, no?

THE NUMBERS: Facebook Inc. posted a loss of $59 million, or 2 cents per share, in the July-September period. Adjusted earnings of 12 cents per share were a penny better than expected. Revenue rose 32 percent to $1.26 billion. That's also higher than the $1.23 billion Wall Street was looking for.

All should still be aware of the primary factor in this "growth company" stock's story....


These facts should not have been a surprise, and blog subscribers were made aware nearly a year ago, as excerpted from our 2nd most recent forensic analysis.

FB IPO Analysis  Valuation Note Page 03

As excerpted from Facebook's earnings press release: Payments and other fees revenue for the third quarter was $176 million, a 13% increase over the same quarter in the prior year and a 9% decline sequentially from the second quarter of 2012. So, where did that drop likely come from? Well reference the part about Zynga below, warned roughly 7 months before the fact!

FB IPO Analysis  Valuation Note Page 04


As excerpted from BoomBustBlog Challenges Face Ripping Facebook Share Peddlers That Left Muppets Faceless And Nearly 50% Poorer After IPO:

I made it clear that those who lost roughly half of their capital at or near the IPO price simply forfeited those funds from not readign BoomBustBlog, and this sitaution was virtually guaranteed. I felt so strongly about it that I made much of my opinion available for free this time.

Here's where I broke it down on Capital Account

I also happened to do the same on the Max Kesier show...

I discussed Facebook on the Peter Schiff radio show, the Facebook excerpt is below...

Additional Facebook analysis, valuationa and commentary.

On Max Keiser, go to the 13:55 marker for more on Facebook...

Double your money by shorting the Street's advice! Once Again!

Here is a full year of free blog posts and paid research material warning that ANYBODY following the lead of Goldman, Morgan Stanely and JP Morgan on the Facebook offereing would get their Face(book)s RIPPED!!! Could you imagine me on a reality TV show based on this stuff??? Well, it's coming...

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It would seem that Facebook Finally Faces The Fact Of BoomBustBlog Analysis. Professional and institutional BoomBustBlog subscribers have access to a simplified unlocked version of the valuation model used for this report, available for immediate download - Facebook Valuation Model 08Feb2012. I just nominally input some very generous numbers and the best case scenario chart (see the chart tab after your own individual inputs) is quite revealing, indeed! The full forensic opinion is available to all subscribers here FaceBook IPO & Valuation Note Update, and the latest iteration can be found here FB IPO Analysis & Valuation Note - update with per share valuation 05/21/2012. It is recommended that subscribers (click here to subscribe) also review the original analyses (file iconFB note final 01/11/2011).

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