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Monday, 08 October 2012 08:59

Apple Weakness Now Apparent To Others Besides BoomBustBloggers Featured

Now that the weakness in Apple is apparent to all, and not just BoomBustBlog subscribers.... AAPL priced relative to the SPY... looking for this 4 year trend to break for the aapl story to be over as a market out-performer.

AAPL relative weekly rising wedge

My next post on this topic will answer the obvious quetion, "Is it now time to short Apple?" - as I release the content from or updated Apple model. This will be some very, very good stuff and well worth the subscription rate.

Unique, Indpendent and Accurate Apple Research

file iconApple 2Q2012 results analysisTooltip04/26/2012
file iconApple Margin & Valuation NoteTooltip03/15/2012
file iconApple Margin Strategem WIPTooltip02/13/2012
file iconApple - Competition and Cost StructureTooltip05/16/2011
file iconApple Earnings Guidance AnalysisTooltip08/12/2010

file iconApple iPhone Profit Margin Scenario Analysis ModelTooltip08/03/2010

file iconApple business model noteTooltip

File Icon Apple Margin & Valuation Note







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