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Lauren Lyster & I See The iBubble Go iPop Once Those 10 Million MBS Trader Jobs Fail To Materialize As Bernanke Promised Featured

Here is one of the best examples of financial reporting that I have seen on TV. As a matter of fact, the interviewees on the street gave far more credible input than the highly paid, so-called "experts" on those MSM outlets. 

The justification behind the Fed's employment chicanery was covered in detail here - EXXXACTLY As Claimed On The World's 1st Financial REALity TV Show, Bernanke Bailed Out The Banks Through A Public LIE To His Fellow Countrymen

The Apple evidence is upcoming in an updated forensic valuation report for subscribers within 48 hours. May I  subscribers to remember how accurate the last couple of reports were in regards to Apple and the current share price and product launches (patting myself on the back as I once again go unabashedly against mainstream through :-))

In the mean time, here are some updated margin charts to support what was said in the video and the extant Apple research for subscribers to review.


Yes, Apple is the vast majority of the desktop computer equity market capitalization!

Apple revenues as a smartphone company

Apple has, in just a few short years, morphed from a computer computer to a smartphone and tablet company, which essentially are just new age computers anyway. It's just that no one sees Motorola, RIMM or Nokia that way!

ipad margins

iphone margins

As the key revenue drivers see there margins compress (and I told you so two years ago), entity level margins will drop as well:

Which Is The More Sustainable Business Model - Selling The World's Information or Selling Shiny New Things???

Apple Margin chartApple Margin chart

As you can see in the chart above, the margins on the iPhone are soon to be under pressure. I have included a simple model to allow my professional/insitutional subscribers to plug their own numbers in and decide for themselves - see File Icon "iPhone Margin worksheet - blog download (click here to subscribe/upgrade). Between the iPhone and the iPad, we're talking about 82% of Apple's profits! Think about this.

iphone 5 weekend sales

As excerpted from Apple Bias In The Media Has Simply Gone Too Far, Potentially Hoodwinking Investors Into Believing Apple Has Not Reached Its Zenith:

TechCrunch reports: iPhone 5 Sells Over 5M In Opening Weekend, Limited Only By Device Supply

Apple broke records again opening weekend, with the iPhone 5 selling more than 5M in its first three days, compared to 4M for the iPhone 4S.

Wait a minute! Apple's share price was spiking due to speculation that the iPhone 5 debut may double or more the sales of the iPhone 4S, remember? Let's take a gander at some of the bullshit that came out of the press.

  1. Analyst Estimates On iPhone 5 Launch Weekend SalesRange From 3M-10M TechCrunch‎ - 5 days ago Analysts have begun making their predictions about the iPhone 5's odds of success for launch weekend sales, and in fact there's quite a range ...
  2. Blockbuster iPhone 5 launch expected to push Apple stock to $850 Apple Insider‎ - 3 days ago
  3. iPhone 5 Crushes Sales Forecast In First Weekend - Forbes – Apple (AAPL) announced today that pre-orders for the new iPhone 5 have now exceeded supplies, forcing some phones to be shipped in ...

I will launch an updated valution report within 48 hours, in the meantime here is the latest published research on Apple, which has been quite prescient thus far...

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