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Reggie Middleton On CNBC at 2:40pm Discussing The Success Of His Google Pick Featured

See me on CNBC at 2:40 pm today as I discuss my winning (thus far) of the CNBC Stock Draft contest for 2012. The alternative fringe meets the MSM? 


The CNBC Stock Draft for 2012 is now 5 months in and it looks as if fundamentals are ruling the day. If you recall, CNBC called in 12 recognized traders, asset managers, analysts and pundits to choose the public stock that they feel would perform the best between that date (April) and the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, shorting was not allowed, for I was quite bullish on Google (Many Don't Understand The Google/Apple/Microsoft) and quite bearish on Facebook (On Top Of The 2x-10x Return Had Off Of BoomBustBlog Facebook) and Research in Motion (Hindsight Is 20/20, And As Luck Has It Our Foresight On Research in Motion).

stock challenge

For those interested in my more recent thoughts on the Google - Apple thing, see my post from yesterday - Here's The Reason Apple Has The Litigation Hots For It's Biggest Vendor: The Galaxy S3 Has Overtook The iPhone As Top Selling Smartphone. Previous posts on the CNBC Stock Challenge:

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