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A Quick Note On China's Rate Cut Featured

The MSM reported U.S. Stocks Rise as China Cuts Interest Rates this morning. China Cut Their Rates for First Time Since '08, and we all know what happened in 2008, right? As the momentum driven, server controlled trades ramped the markets up, I placed Armageddon put (way out of the money, with material time value) purchases on throughout the morning - for literally pennies. This was to accent the FIRE sector work that I have been putting on throughout the month (see Reggie Middleton Sets CNBC on FIRE!!!). As you can see from the archived posts and videos below, I always believed that China was a Ponzified bubble with no true organic growth to speak of, and if the Europeans and the global economy was waiting for this country that ramped up lending into a pile of expanding NPAs to bailout out the world, then put profit expansion, here I come!

Monday, 06 February 2012 11:20reggie_speaks


A 7 minute video of my opinions on Greek haircuts, US and Manhattan real estate overvaluation, China bubble busting and hard landings, Case Shiller shortcomings and Germany's penthouse suite in the EU roach motel.

My stance on China's comeuppance for attempting to pack 50 years of growth in to 3 years is still quite unchanged. I am fully aware that many "smart" bankers and analysts have different perspectives, but as I posted a couple of weeks ago, "Currency Crisis! Inflation! Sovereign Defaults! Bahhhh… Who Are ‘Ya Gonna Believe, The Government Or Your Lyin’ Eyes?". From Bloomberg, this morning: U.S. Index Futures Fall After China Raises Banks’ Reserve Ratio


I have not had a chance to revisit my China thesis in a while, but it is coming once I round off the European recap and finish up my US technology thesis. China will most likely play a key portion in global financial and economic contagion that is simmering over in Europe. A commenter on another popular blog had this to say of my most recent post regarding Ireland (Erin Gone Broken Bank: The 2nd EMU Nation That Didn’t Need a Bailout Get’s Bailed Out Within Months, Next Up???):

Look, Big Surprises Coming from the UK and China!!! UK and Chinese Growth Slower Than Expected, but Exactly Where BoomBustBlog Said It Would Be

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