Monday, 28 November 2011 17:02

Addressing Risks In The Insurance Industry and Potential Short Candidates For Subscribers

Tomorrow I will start addressing the insurance industry. Professional and Institutional subsribers have access to three Excel files in the Insurers, Insurance & Risk Management section: File Icon Exposure of European insurers to PIIGS_051210 and File Icon Insurance cos. EU exposure 11-2011

Retail subscribers have access to File Icon Insurance Cos. Operational Stress in the same section. Please peruse the companies in these documents and the  related data, for it will be the basis for discussion in several upcoming posts.

I am now more convinced than ever (and I was quiet convinced before) that the European debacle in motion is now unstoppable in the near to medium term. I will personally use the alleged "oversold" rallies and bear market rallies to obtain longer term OTM puts with some of the IV froth wiped off the top. I will be using the valuation guidelines outlined in the various subscriber reports for the companies and opportunities outlined. I am available for discussion in all of the subscriber forums, and as is customary the professional and insitutional forums can bend my ear. I will be willing to go into extreme depth in the Institutional forums, since that is what is paid for.

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