Tuesday, 11 October 2011 06:31

Returning From A Couple Of Days Off With The Family Featured

image034I will be posting new research and the hardest hitting commentary of the year with an ETA of tomorrow. This will incorporate US banks, European banks, downloadable bank run and social class war models, the Occupy Wall Street movement, the sophisticated ignorance of many in the media, and the hubristic tendencies that signify the downfall of empires, not to mention class conflict and socio-economic stratification shifts preceding depressions. That's a lot of stuff to cover in one post, eh? Well if anybody can do it, will be that aggressively intelligent brother threateningly wielding the The Fiery Sword of Economic Truth... Okay, I may not get it all in one post, but the next few days will pack some controversial and interesting stuff, to say the least.

I will also be providing firm dates and and locations for the meet and greets so we can meet up and share ideas over drinks, discussing interesting people.


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