Tuesday, 17 May 2011 08:51

Reggie Middleton and Max Keiser Discussing Goldman Sachs, the Super-Powered race to the bottom three, banks as the "new tobacco companies" and Choking on ZIRP

Here's my latest with Max Keiser along the requisite related background opinion. Please scroll 13 minutes into this clip for my latest interview with Max Keiser discussing Goldman Sachs (remember, I was the first and original public Goldman Bear), the race to the bottom three (or the Triumvirate of super states looking to crash the other two), the banks as the "new tobacco companies" and the accuracy of my call that banks are choking on Bernanke's ZIRP flavored medicine...

You just don't hear this stuff in the mainstream, do 'ya?

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  • Comment Link Malcolm McLean Monday, 13 June 2011 22:39 posted by Malcolm McLean


    What exposure do you see for the SBA in their commercial lending guarantee's from the early 2000's?

    Seems as though they could be exposed to 75 of losses from commercial lenders? If CRE is the next lead zeppelin, and SBA has a 75% loss exposure - what liability do you see SBA holding right now?

    Commercial lenders with SBA gntee's can write off not only the loss of the 'equity' (loan balance less resell after foreclosure) but any other losses such as property tax or repairs.


  • Comment Link Malcolm McLean Monday, 13 June 2011 22:34 posted by Malcolm McLean

    You need wind for a windmill - you need solar panels for sun Steve.

    Love the magic money concept - are yo from Nigeria! :0

    Either way Africa has a way of it's own - and the most efficient solution for heating is the inexpensive energy saving stoves.

    As most of Africa seems to be on the move - refugees!

    Sudan and Ethiopia and Eritrea etc have had their meager forests cut down for fuel - cooking stoves that are inefficient and cause bad smoke inhalation health issues.

  • Comment Link Steve Moyer Tuesday, 17 May 2011 20:32 posted by Steve Moyer

    If a country in Africa or Asia get a windmill for free they can make elextricity from the sun rather than from oil. That frees up oil for those still using it and reduces the price. Same with ethanol and many other energy products. The lowered cost of fuel will pay for the expense of giving away technology and in the future there will be returns through the sale of energy in those countries. So you don't need collateral. Just a good plan and lots of places which want free renewable energy technology put into play.

  • Comment Link Steve Moyer Tuesday, 17 May 2011 20:28 posted by Steve Moyer

    I've been working on a plan with some friends for a new energy regime based on renewable technology. There is a savings to be realized as we switch out of expensive technologies like oil and nuclear and into renewable technologies. We need a new paradigm. Instead of central banks handing out billions to banks and the wealthy elite they need to finance renewable energy technology which makes a profit for the people who receive it. Therefore, you don't need to have any collateral for a loan. YOu just need to "authorize the projetct" through whatever global process is needed. Then the "magic money" can be popped into existence. It's consensus that holds things together anyway, regardless what we do with money. Consensus rules. When we reach a solid consensus then we can build a new energy infrastructure for the world.

  • Comment Link Reggie Middleton Tuesday, 17 May 2011 15:28 posted by Reggie Middleton

    I would love to if I could just find the time.

  • Comment Link JLJ Tuesday, 17 May 2011 15:05 posted by JLJ

    I really dig your insight, Reggie. You clearly have a strong knack for tying different pieces of information together into a concise and accurate narrative.

    I'm new to your blog, and will definitely be back. Have you thought about doing a regular vlog or podcast?

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