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An inspiring email from a reader

Quite a few readers have emailed me with similar stories. I thought I would post this one, with permission, of course.

I know that I've said thanks. I'll say it more before its over, no doubt.

Since Jan 16, 2008....we have doubled my initial investment while keeping over 50% in cash. Thats short term - pay taxes on it and I'm sittin on half that much paper gain.

I don't know much but I can read. That was achived usin what I've come to call 'sell and wait'.

About 3 months in I noticed I was 'early' often. I took a nore relaxed approach and things got easier.

I 'missed' bear btw so this wasn't a 1 shot deal.

I've learned and hopefully will be more adept as time goes on.

My major drawback is I take too many naps. :-)

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  • Comment Link Jarret Pazahanick Saturday, 12 July 2008 11:34 posted by Jarret Pazahanick

    Hi Reggie

    I am sure that I sum up the feeling of a lot of regular readers that we cant put into words the value and learnings that we get from your postings.

    It is amazing with the kids, pets, jobs etc the time you dedicate to the blog and I can by the time on a lot of the posting that sleep is the item that is getting sacrificed.

    It is so hard to find research that is against the grain and as detailed as yours and in this market that is exactly what is needed. I would sign up in a heartbeat if you ever have to change this to a subscription model to help pay for all the time you are obviously investing in this blog.

    You may get a chuckle out of this but when I see a reggie middleton blog show up in my google reader I get a sense of excitment much like used to at Christmas time when I was a little kid :)

  • Comment Link Gerard Waggett Friday, 11 July 2008 08:55 posted by Gerard Waggett


    Excellent research and commentary. Like some other site bloggers, I have looked forward to reading your blog with my morning tea and croissant. It sounds like the perfect storm, housing market crashing, financial markets in downward spiral, inflationary energy prices and consumer staples, lame duck president, the fed running out of magic bullets, Iran rattling its Sabers. It is going to be a long and painful decline, but could happen pretty fast especially if we experience any energy supply shocks in the near term.

    Your site has been an education. Don't always understand all the acronyms but end up googling them. I tip my hat to you for swimming against the tide, but it appears that the tide is turning.

  • Comment Link bruce Thursday, 10 July 2008 22:09 posted by bruce

    On one of my positions, an IB, I was short from 42. The other day after being sub 20 it was hammering 24. I was ready to cover and my trade was prepped. I clicked on your link in my favorites and re-read your take and did not pull the trigger. I covered 70% of my position today at 17, and still hold a few options. Needless to say I owe you a few cold ones and this is one guy who would subscribe if you ever go there. You are truly brilliant in your analysis which I find amazingly coherent.

  • Comment Link shaun noll Thursday, 10 July 2008 19:10 posted by shaun noll

    cheers Reggie! and thanks for bringing a new paradigm of free media with QUALITY to us all,
    there are many here with the same story:)
    i cant even begin to say how much i've learned about financials from this site and made abit of $ on the way too.

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